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Thrilled to be able to introduce you with one of our Associate Planner members Georgina Alexander Weddings & Events, tell us about yourself Georgina

Wedding Planner UK

Tell us about your journey into weddings?

After a long and successful career in the corporate sector planning and managing large projects and events, it just didn’t challenge me anymore.  I really wanted to do something else with my skills that was on a more personal level, the kind of job where my detail driven personality and obsession with spreadsheets and lists would help bring people together and create special memories.  Something that would allow my creativity to shine and that wasn’t just a ‘job’ but something I loved and was passionate about, and so Champagne & Sparkles was born.

I really love what I do, I love helping couples bring their wedding vision to life and making sure their wedding is unforgettable for all the right reasons.  Seeing the happiness and smiles on their faces really is the best feeling in the world.

Describe your favourite wedding location (beach / city / country)

I have two favourites – city and country.  A city wedding captures the buzz of the environment and beautiful architecture and backdrops.  I love country weddings too for the stunning views and rambling spaces.

Ultimate wedding theme you’d love to be a part of

I’d love to create a ballroom inspired wedding that’s full of romance and timelessly elegant touches.

What 3 words would clients use to describe you?

Detail driven, problem solver, trusted

How do you unwind?

I love cooking and entertaining, reading and catching up on shows on our Sky box

Best piece of business advice given?

Be true to yourself and don’t worry about the competition are doing

Tell us something random about you

I was a competitive ballroom dancer from the age of 7 until my late 2o’s, competing all over New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  It’s also how I met my husband – we don’t compete anymore but we still love to whirl around the dance floor together when the opportunity comes up!


Photo Credit: Helen Warner

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