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Elite Wedding Planner

Delighted to be able to introduce you with one of our Elite Planner members Unique Weddings & Events, tell us about yourself Joy

Elite Wedding Planner

Tell us about your journey into weddings?

I have a corporate retail background and have previously worked for John Lewis, Adams Childrenswear and Freemans Catalogue. During my career, I’ve been Head of Operations, Visual Merchandising, Central Communications, Store Openings, Change and Training. I have a disabled daughter to care for so about ten years ago I was looking for a change and a friend asked me to help with her wedding planning. It really was a lightbulb moment as it uses all the skills I have from my previous roles and more importantly they are all the parts of the jobs that I’ve loved.

Describe your favourite wedding location (beach / city / country)

I honestly don’t have one. My weddings are a true reflection of my client’s wishes and the biggest thrill is bringing them to life in a way they envisaged – it doesn’t really matter where.

Ultimate wedding theme you’d love to be a part of

Unless it’s a massive client wish I have no desire to be part of any particular theme. That said, one of my greatest achievements has been designing and bringing to life a huge “Festival” Themed 50th party for a client in less than 4 months. Tony Hadley headlined and as lifelong fan it was a real honour to work with him – if only you could tell your younger self where life will take you sometimes …..

What 3 words would clients use to describe you?

Attentive: Fun: Professional

How do you unwind?

Mmmmm – not very well! I think it’s a peril of working from home and enjoying what I do. I do try though and make my focus things that are relaxing – Yoga, Pilates and swimming are my favourites.

Best piece of business advice given?

Stay true to what you believe in and don’t follow the crowd.

Tell us something random about you

I literally can’t live without a list, even in my personal life – I like to share so my husband and kids get them too 🙂

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