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Thrilled to be able to introduce you with one of our Supplier members The Curated Kitchen, tell us about yourself Dani….

Supplier Member

Tell us about your journey into weddings?

It’s a bit cliché but planning my own wedding gave me the wedding bug. At the time I was a cake maker and regularly making wedding cakes but I knew I wanted to be able to offer more and be more involved.

Just over a year later, shortly before having my son, I launched my afternoon tea catering company, providing wedding teas.

As the business grew I knew I needed to diversify and 5 years later I launched a brand new business, again inspired by my own wedding.

When my husband and I got married 7 years ago we found it impossible to find the kind of catering service that we wanted – a casual, relaxed, informal way of dining that was still luxurious. In the end we settled on getting married in Italy. Laid-back luxury is something the Italians do so well.

I found myself completely inspired by their way of dinning. – long, leisurely, sociable meals with friends in beautiful surroundings, where you just graze.

I wanted to bring that way of dining here to the UK.

Supplier Member

Describe your favourite wedding location (beach / city / country)

Oh this is tough– they are all amazing for different reasons but being that I’m at my happiest when by the sea I’d have to go for a beach location (I’m now wondering why I didn’t get married on the beach myself?).

Ultimate wedding theme you’d love to be a part of

Relaxed, laid back luxury.

What 3 words would clients use to describe you?

Friendly, Reliable & Helpful

How do you unwind?

Yoga, spending time with my family anywhere warm and by the sea (there is a theme forming here) and I have a recent new love for knitting, although I’m not sure how long it will last – I don’t really have time for a new hobby!

Tell us something random about you

I have metal plates in my arm (I’m basically bionic!).

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