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Excited to be able to introduce you to one of our Supplier Members Warble Entertainment Agency, tell us about yourself Joey….

Tell us about your journey into weddings?

Before I made the journey into weddings, I started out as a live musician for hire. This was mostly for bars, pubs and venues around the UK! Most of my music experience came from studying songwriting and music and university in Bristol and naturally, I found a home in performing live music for a living.

After many years of playing music in bands and as a soloist, I joined Warble Entertainment and started to see how the industry worked from the other side.

Not only was I introduced to the world of wedding band hire, I also found out about the weird and wonderful world of weddings and unique wedding ideas such as singing waiters and wedding caricaturists. Before discovering the world of weddings, I had no idea how much was involved in creating the perfect day. From a wedding entertainment perspective, the amount of options available these days is just incredible and I feel so lucky to be involved in weddings in general.

Inspired by the amazing artists and singers on our roster, I actually became a solo acoustic wedding singer myself and have been playing and performing for happy couples for a good few years now!

I have seen and learnt so much during my time with Warble Entertainment and playing for couples on their wedding days. It truly is an amazing industry to be involved in and the satisfaction of being able to help a happy couple live their dream day never gets old.

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Describe your favourite wedding location

I think city weddings are awesome and massively underrated. I understand the appeal of rustic weddings with barns, tipis and fields but the number of weddings I’ve had to attend in the middle of nowhere is crazy! They can be so hard logistically to find and for your guests it can be tricky to get to.

City weddings have a real buzz about them and that appeals to my personality. I like to live life at a fast pace and the energy of a city wedding is appealing and quite modern. Whenever I consider these wedding themes, I always think about the big questions to ask a wedding venue and if the core values of the wedding venue align with the image I have in my head for a wedding. Sometimes the answers to these questions can make your decision for you in regards to where and how you have your wedding day!

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Ultimate wedding theme you’d love to be a part of

If I could be a part of any wedding theme, I would definitely love to be involved in any style of alternative or unique wedding theme.

I love seeing it when couples do things the way they want them. Traditional weddings are so outdated now and with the amount of choice available, why would you celebrate your marriage in such a boring way?

I always notice younger couples choosing to be a bit more outlandish and unique with their wedding choices. It’s so much fun to connect with these couples and help them plan their day. There are no rules anymore when it comes to weddings! Anything goes and it’s a great way to ensure that your wedding day is memorable for years to come.

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What 3 words would clients use to describe you?

Reliable, fun, experts.

How do you unwind?

Being so involved in weddings with Warble Entertainment and also as a performer, it can be an incredibly busy lifestyle!

Unwinding is important and sometimes it can do you good to get away from the world of weddings and music. This next answer is going to sound like a typical man answer, but I love football with all of my heart! I’m a huge West Ham fan and most of my spare time is taken up obsessing over the Premier League and watching my dear team get thrashed every weekend.

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Best piece of business advice given?

Find out what you’re good at and double down on it.

I love this advice and I’ve followed it for a long time. I’d rather be the best at one thing then average at a few!

Tell us something random about you

I’m hopelessly obsessed with Tom Cruise. I find him very odd, interesting and also think he’s an incredible actor! I even have a cardboard cut-out of him at home. I’m sure that counts as random enough!

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