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Delighted to be able to introduce you with one of our Supplier Planner members Bands for Hire, tell us about yourself Adam…..

Tell us about your journey into weddings?

I started out as a musician and songwriter in my teens which inevitably lead me to the local live music scene. As my band built up a name we found ourselves performing at more and more private events and a few years in it became my main point of income, mainly as a way to fund originals projects and record new material.

From there I became so inundated with enquiries that the obvious way forward was to start a music agency rather than turn clients away – and that’s where Bands For Hire Ltd came to fruition.

What 3 words would clients use to describe your business?

Friendly, diligent and organised. We’ve spend many years streamlining the booking process to make it completely stress-free for our clients and hopefully that comes through in our customer service.

How do you unwind?

In my younger days I was very much a workaholic night owl/insomniac but I now have a lovely wife and three adorable young children that ensure I have a really positive work-life balance. The kids certainly keep me occupied but when I get time I also like to run, play table tennis and this year have taken up the piano.

I think that with social media and the constant mental stimulation we get from our smartphones, it’s really important to take a break from them in the evening, even if that means leaving the phone in another room… or even just beyond arm’s reach!

Best piece of business advice given?

Back when I was a web designer I did a lot of work for a businessman who drilled into me that I had to find a way to stop selling my time, which was limited, and instead work on a business model that was scalable.

That being said, not all businesses are in a position to scale up and I think it’s more important to do what you know and love.

Tell us something random about you

Mmm… it’s not something that tends to come up these days but I once had a song in the UK Top 40. Up until my mid-twenties I’d spent nearly 10 years trying to make it in the music industry, but ultimately failed to get signed and reach the level of success I was after.

I now look back on it as an entirely different chapter of my life but one that very much shaped what came after. Sometimes it’s okay to accept defeat and move on, I just knew

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