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Introduce Bespoke and Beyond Weddings and Events

introduce bespoke and Beyond Weddings and Events

Let me Introduce you to Bespoke and Beyond Weddings and Events, on of our associate wedding planner members, over to you Kim….

ukawp wedding planner member

How did it all start?

I have a background in PR and events which I did for 10 years before I started a family. When I was ready to get back into work an opportunity to be involved with a growing wedding company came along which I jumped at as I love weddings and felt I could use lots of my skills and experience to great effect. I few years later I felt the time was right to go it alone a bit more and so Bespoke and Beyond was born in the new year.

Do you have a favourite venue?

I have a lot of experience so far with outdoor weddings so anywhere with peace and quiet and a beautiful view suits me!  A piece of my heart will also always lie with the gorgeous Barn at Bury Court in Hampshire as it was my own wedding venue and I hope to plan a wedding for a couple there some day.

How would clients describe you?

I hope they would describe me as friendly, honest, calm, meticulous and with a good sense of humour. I quickly learnt that no wedding is completely plain sailing so a sensible and solution led approach to any problem works best, with a dose of good humour and perfectionism thrown in to get through the tricky parts and still deliver a flawless event.

Wedding planners or suppliers you particularly admire? 

I haven’t met a huge amount if wedding planners so far, but through my contact and training with the UKAWP I have found Bernadette to be really inspiring and encouraging which I am very thankful for.  Supplier  wise, I have worked a lot with Surrey based caterers Four Gables who are fantastic to work with and also help deliver a brilliant event.

How do you unwind?

I have two young boys so proper relaxing, down time is rare (!) but we all love the outdoors so love a family bike ride and a walk in the woods. I’m lucky enough to live near some fantastic outdoor spaces so some fresh air is never far away. When I can I like to practise yoga to relax myself, and I can’t resist curling up with a good book if I get 5 minutes peace to do so!

What trends are you seeing for 2018/19?

I am loving rose gold and grey at the moment, and always love a classic crisp white and greens palette for a special occasion. Not sure if they’re trends as such but these always catch my eye.

What is your signature dish?

You can’t beat a roast dinner!  I’m somewhat of an expert at a perfectly fluffy roast potato 😉

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love work on?

I worked for a year within St. James’ Palace for one of HRH Prince of Wales’ charities during my PR and events days so I would love to be involved with a Royal Wedding. The sheer scale and grandeur of the occasion would be unrivalled!

What is your vice?

Perhaps predictably, chocolate!! And trashy romance novels and reality TV. Guilty pleasures at the end of a long day.


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