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Today we are delighted to introduce you to a new Associate Member, Ela Aksoy, who runs Bochic Weddings and Events. Over to you Ela….


How did it all start?

I’ve always loved being creative, ever since I was little, I’d always have a paint brush in my hand or sketch book at the ready. I remember drawing and designing clothes and rooms when I was young and I went on to study textiles and fashion, which really captured my imagination. As well as loving all things crafty, I have a passion for helping and working with people. I’ve worked with such a range of people and went on to study Psychology at University. Following this, I knew I wanted to work in a role that both helps people and allows me to express my creative flair… and it clicked – weddings. Wonderful, happy occasions where I could use my personality and creativity to help people plan the best day of their lives. I did a lot of research, signed up to UKAWP’s amazing courses and worked alongside Sandy Moretta for over 6 months on a range of exciting events. Whilst building up my portfolio, I ran my creative wedding blog – Bochic – and coordinated numerous styled photo shoots, whilst meeting super talented suppliers on my journey. I now have a fantastic network of some of the industry’s top creatives and absolutely love the role I have in helping couples create the wedding of their dreams.

Do you have a favourite venue?

I love anything a little unusual. There is a venue in Scotland where you can get married in a tree house which looks over a lake (it’s called the Treehouse Wonderland) – how amazing would that be?! The Wise Wedding Venue in Kent is a pretty, quirky woodland venue with swinging sofas and an area for teepee weddings! I do love a good old rustic barn wedding, as well, but I always love to work with new venues.

How would clients describe you?

Creative, conscientious, approachable and dedicated. I pride myself on being able to thoroughly plan weddings ensuring they run without a hitch, as well as being creative and imaginative with the design, styling and décor elements of the day, which, together, complete the ideal recipe for the perfect wedding. I like to get to know my clients right from the start, from their personalities and styles to what their house looks like and even what they have for dinner! It’s the little details that speak volumes and I want my clients to feel confident in trusting me with their special day.

Wedding planner/s you admire?

Sandy Moretta is a credit to the wedding planning industry and has been an inspiration from the start of my journey. I admire her attention to detail, willingness to help people and have loved working alongside her.

How do you unwind?

I couldn’t live without music – I listen to it (literally) all the time; whilst getting ready in the morning, working on my ‘wedmin’, in my car and even when I go to sleep (love a bit of Spanish guitar at the end of a busy day!). I also have a bit of an unusual hobby that is my coral reef aquarium (geeky, I know!), but it’s surprisingly fun having nemo fish and colourful corals to look after. I do also love reading a good book when I get the chance.

What themes are you working on for 2016/17?

One of my clients has decided on a fiery, fiesta red colour palette, which is one of Pantone’s top colours for Spring 2016 and I love it! It’s both romantic and the perfect tone for a fun, relaxed summer wedding.

What trends are you seeing?

For 2016, Rose Quartz (warm, rose tone) and Serenity (tranquil, soft blue) are very popular colours and, when paired together, make a stunning wedding colour palette. Including metallic touches in your décor, especially copper and rose gold for this year, is super stylish and adds a little luxe to the overall style. Whether you add a hint of rose gold/copper in your centerpieces, cake design or even your flowers, this will give texture to your décor. Long, banquet-style dinner tables, as opposed to individual round ones, are becoming more popular amongst couples and they’re great for sharing platter style catering, creating a relaxed, informal atmosphere. I also love the idea of a unique ceremony seating arrangement – I’ve seen weddings where the couple have requested to have their ceremony seating in a circle around them, which creates an intimate feel – so lovely!

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love to design?

Either Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen – I grew up watching them on TV and continued to follow them and their trendsetting fashion ideas. They’re super stylish and I love their taste – they designed a stunning all-lace bohemian wedding dress for their friend not long ago. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here, it’s a stunning dress with bell sleeves (my favourite!)

Is the job as glamorous as you thought?

I wasn’t really expecting the job to be glamorous as such, but it’s so rewarding and I’m proud to say I really do love my job. Project work has always been my favourite and it’s amazing to see the wedding plans, design and details all come together on the day.  Knowing I’ve helped a happy couple have the wedding they were dreaming of really is the most rewarding feeling.

What is your vice, or perhaps where do you turn to calm down?

Green tea, a great book, friends and family.

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