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Delighted to introduce you to our member BusyBrides Weddings Planners, who is not only a wedding planner but also a female toastmaster, over to you Sian..

How did it all start?  I started this business as I always enjoyed event management throughout my corporate career.  Then after 10 years with my company I was made redundant and the management said I should start my own business whilst I had the opportunity.  So I started an event management company that provided consultancy service for events and my first client I worked with for 18 months, but working for a committee led company where it takes forever to make decision wasn’t so much fun.  Then I remembered when I planned my own wedding, the venue coordinator said to me that I was the most organised Bride she had met in her 22 years in the industry.  I remembered how much I enjoyed organising my own wedding.  So with some soul searching BusyBrides was born.

Do you have a favourite venue? Well I’ve worked lots, and so many have great qualities.  I love Houchins, it’s intimate and new and every wedding looks amazing there, then there is Braxted Park with that incredible drive and ceremony room and Leeds Castle, for its incredible rooms and beautiful weddings I have had there, so lots of venues have so many elements that make them amazing.  I really do love lots of them for all different reasons.  However, I would say my ultimate venue for the wow factor that I have worked at has been Sezincote Estate in the Cotswolds.

How would clients describe you?  Well many of them will say that I have made them feel so much more relaxed about their wedding day.  One recent bride emailed me to say she felt she walked away from our first planning meeting a completely different bride.  I would say they will describe me as someone with a fountain of knowledge in my field when it comes to wedding day coordination, they would say trustworthy, down to earth and humorous.

Wedding planners or suppliers you particularly admire?  I admire hard work and passion and so I really admire a supplier that I got to know well over the years.   This is Lacey’s event services. Owners Charlotte and her husband Wayne started the company from very small, won awards for their effects and due to demand grew massively.  However, their attention to detail was just not the same for the staff and suffered a few complaints.  Due to their passion in this industry, they were brave enough to scale down and take it completely back to ensure quality and that took lot of courage.  They do around 80 hours a week just to make sure they have happy clients, whilst maintaining a family life. I really admire them as a couple and a business.

How do you unwind?  I like to take my lovely Cavachon Barney for a nice walk, this gives me so much pleasure watching him enjoy his walks.  He loves the outdoors and lives for his walks and he is so loving and affectionate too. If I’m not chilling with my boy, I’m with my partner or friends with a nice glass of prosecco.

What trends are you seeing for 2018/19?  I’m seeing more and more of Rose Gold, and although its in right now, I’m seeing even more of it, and even finding gold cutlery is making a bit of a come back.

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love work on?  I’ve been lucky to have met many celebrities in my time, but I’m not really into celebrities per say, but if I was to pick I would have loved to have planned Holly Willoughby’s.  Not only is she a clothes horse for any fashion, she’s not just unbelievably beautiful, but she has the best sense of humour.  There’s a time to be serious, and a time to be funny, but she just finds humour in everything and I love that and I would have enjoyed organising her wedding day.

What is your vice? Thankfully I don’t have any bad ones.  I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble, I don’t crave chocolate, I DO love a glass of Prosecco, but socially.  I think if anything it’s bling… anything that sparkles, I’m like a magpie or something is in the shape of a heart,  I’m all over it.  I have jars with cut out hearts, heart keyrings, heart plaques, heart broches, heart rings, and shelves in shapes of hearts, I even designed my own candy cart purely with hearts, I’m heart mad!

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