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Today I’m delighted to introduce Melanie from Cranberry Blue Wedding & Events who is one of our associate members based in Islington, London. Although Melanie joined the UKAWP in November 2010, she has been organising events for 4 years’.




Why did you become a wedding planner?

I originally started my career working for the high-end fashion designer Roland Mouret and got my first taste for event planning, as I was involved in his catwalk show for London Fashion Week.  I then moved onto work as a Fashion Buyer for a number of years, but became increasingly involved and passionate about the event side of things.  My transition into weddings came after I attended several weddings that were disorganised and I felt strongly that I could utilise my skills and experience to create beautiful and seamless weddings.  I organised my first wedding in 2007 and then formally set up my business – ‘Cranberry Blue Weddings & Events’ just over a year and a half ago, which I’m pleased to say is going from strength to strength. 

What’s your USP?

Having trained and worked in fashion for many years I am able to spot new trends, but I also understand how to adapt them to suit individual tastes. Being creative and a perfectionist means I have a natural eye for design and detail, with the ability to turn ideas into a practical reality. I am also very down-to-earth and personable, which I hope makes people feel automatically at ease.

What’s your signature dish? 

That’s a tough one as my husband actually does most of the cooking!  I would probably have to say though I do a pretty mean Thai green curry and also a classic lasagne with lots of red wine and a crisp green salad.

Do you have a favourite venue?

That is also a tough question as there are so many amazing venues; however Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire is definitely one of them.  It is a grand country house that has beautiful grounds and the long drive up to it provides fantastic views of this breath taking building. The interiors are a fabulous mix of old and new and the ‘gun room’ bar has even won a prestigious design award for its interior.

How would your clients describe you?

I have been described as creative, super organised, down to earth, and a perfectionist with a sense of humour.

Have you ever had a challenging client and how did you deal with it?

I have been very lucky so far as all of my clients have been lovely.  If I had to pick one however I would say that I did work with a bride who was incredibly indecisive (which is a bride’s prerogative I know), but ideas and colour schemes would change on a weekly basis right up until about 2 weeks before the big day.  This was quite challenging as it meant a lot of last minute sourcing and managing suppliers. However, I was able to re-assure the bride that the decisions she had made and the design concept we had developed would look fantastic, and she needed to trust in me and my experience that everything would come together and look amazing.  Needless to say it did and she was actually speechless when she saw it altogether because she was so happy. 

If you could plan a celebrity wedding (alive or dead) whose would it be?

William and Kate’s without a doubt as it was a defining moment in history where the whole world watched their every move. It was classic but beautiful with touches of their personalities.  For completely different reasons I would also love to plan Lady Gaga’s wedding, as hers would be extravagantly quirky and a lot of fun.  She would probably have several outfit changes and you could let you imagination run wild with the reception décor.

Is the job as glamorous as you thought?

I never had any illusions that this job would be glamorous and what goes on behind the scenes, is proof of that!  Although it may not be glamorous it is certainly creative, exciting and very rewarding.

Which wedding planner’s work do you respect/admire and why?

I really admire the work of Mark Niemierko as he is so well known in the industry.  The weddings he arranges are at the highest level of the market and his business has grown so much that he now attracts celebrity couples. 

What’s your biggest achievement since launching?

Organising a wedding in Austin, Texas in the States last year.

What’s your vice

Cheese and red wine – you can’t beat a cheese board with a glass of Merlot!  Also, my shoe obsession, I just can’t help myself and have been known to buy the same show in several different colours!

Do please view their website for details on their services.

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