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Emma Jane Weddings

We are delighted to introduce Emma Christopher who runs Emma Jane Weddings as our newest Associate Member. Over to you Emma…


How did it all start?

Good question! I followed in the footsteps of my mum, Lynn and studied Hospitality & Catering at college. Having never been particularly academic, I realized I had a flair for events, hospitality and fine dining and I went on to win several industry competitions including a Silver Medal at the UK Skills competition for Restaurant Service. Having worked both operationally in events, running them from start to finish and having worked in the sales team looking after the initial enquiry, I’ve gained a vast understanding of how events work including budgeting and logistics. Lynn, my mum was an in-house wedding coordinator for over ten years at an exclusive wedding venue in Dorset. She’s known for her formidable standards and approachable demeanor; she’s organized and executed many high end weddings and VIP events. On moving to Staffordshire in 2009, we put pen to paper and began to build a business plan using our extensive knowledge as the grounding for what is known today as Emma Jane Wedding & Event Management.

Do you have a favourite venue?

We worked on a wonderful wedding at the stunning Colshaw Hall in Over Peover on the outskirts of Knutsford. With the Bride & Groom celebrating two weddings, one in England and one in the brides native Korea, we worked closely with the family to plan a five day event, welcoming their family and friends from all around the world. The venue is perfect for such occasions. On my venue bucket list though has to be the incredible, Iscoyd Park.

How would clients describe you?

Clients have described us as meticulous, thorough, and good fun and our services as outstanding and invaluable. I’m very proud of the standards we bring to the industry and the suppliers and venues we choose to recommend.

Wedding planner/s you admire?

Tough question! I’ll choose two from the long list of planners I admire! Firstly, I’d say Siobhan Craven Robins. I first met Siobhan at a networking event held by the Event School London when I was about 18. My parents drove me to London specifically for the event and having done my research about the industry professionals we were to be meeting, I knew all about Siobhan and the events she had created! My mum said my face was a picture when I met her; practically perfect in every way, a real life Mary Poppins! Secondly, it has to be Melanie, founder of Cranberry Blue. Her events are visually stunning and I can tell she has a real eye for detail.

How do you unwind?

Whereas my mum chooses to spend time on her canal boat travelling the waterways of England, I much prefer to whizz along the lanes on my much treasured, Victoria Pendleton road bike! It’s a great stress buster and at sportive’s, there’s always like-minded folk enjoying the copious amounts of cake at the feed stations!

What trends are you seeing?

I’m a big follower of Pantone and with their recent announcement of the Pantone Colour of the Year, I’m expecting a big trend for the earthy, fresh, lush colours. Greenery 15-0343 is, as described by Pantone a “versatile trans-seasonal shade that lends itself to many color combinations.” I can see it being paired with many different colours including whites, greys, blushes, and creams to form the basis for a gorgeous, understated colour pallet.

What is your signature dish?

I keep things fairly simple and rustic in the kitchen; I’m a massive foody but I prefer simple, good quality food, rather than something that’s been tampered with too much! I personally don’t think you can beat baked camembert, drizzled with olive oil and served with grapes, celery and crusty bread….if I were allowed, I’d eat that every day!

 Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love to design?

Laura Trott. Or Laura Kenny, as she’s now known. She’s a superb athlete but also comes across as a real girly girl. Half the fun for me when working with someone is finding a connection with them; wether it be a shared interest or mutual respect for something, I love working with couples and getting to know them. I’d go to say it’s probably the most important thing for me in the initial stages of planning so I really understand the feel that the wedding is going to have. If you get to know someone and their interests, likes and dislikes and you have a common connection with them, it helps so much when you’re working so closely with them. I’m not saying I’m an Olympic athlete, but I’d enjoy talking to Laura about her incredible career!!

Is the job as glamorous as you thought?

You’re joking, right? The words ‘event/wedding management’ and glamorous do not go together! I’ve worked in the hospitality industry since I was 16 and operationally managed large scale events from the age of 19. The industry is massively rewarding but incredibly hard work. The successful delivery of an event is the end result of weeks and months of planning; everything you’ve planned and worked towards hinges on that one shot you have to execute it all perfectly. I truly believe, working with professionals and with the correct planning in place, all events can be delivered on time, on budget and with the success that the client demands. I love what I do and at 2am on a cold, dark winter night when you’re waiting for the last of the suppliers to pack up, it’s that love and passion for the industry that motivates you through the day.

What is your vice?

Can you guess? Cheese!

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