Member Focus – Hang The Moon

This morning we are pleased to introduce you to one of our Wedding Supplier Members, Mark Buchanan of Hang The Moon. Over to you Mark…

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How did it all start?

My fascination with the moving image started very early, probably from the age of 10. I wanted to be a wildlife cameraman!

Jumping forward I have been in the media and production industry for over 10 years, starting at Abbey Road studios and then ending my “employee” career working for a company that worked closely with the film industry – this saw me film those big movie red carpet events you see on TV.

Do you have a favourite wedding supplier?

I have to work closely with photographers and events planners and I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people. On the planning side, Isabel Smith (Isabel Smith Wedding Design) and Anna MacDougall (Bride & Glory) have that perfect combination of being extremely talented as well as being super nice people.

Photography wise there are many talented guys out there, but I’ve worked with Allister Freeman and David Bostock on a few occasions now and they are really good to work alongside, plus I love their style of photography.

How would clients describe you?

I can’t answer that, you’d have to checkout my testimonials page!!

But if I had to answer I do pride myself on the feedback I get on how well I gel with the guests, whilst also being professional and unobtrusive – that means a lot to me.

Wedding suppliers you particularly admire?

I have a lot of admiration for photographers, but the guys that standout for me, who I haven’t worked with yet, would be John Nassari and James Melia.

I had the pleasure of meeting John last year and I had to ask him about one particular shot he took which is one of my favourite wedding photos of all time – it’s of a bride running into a venue in the pouring rain with her dress hiked up. I couldn’t see why John would be in the position he was to capture such a fabulous shot, so I suppose that’s what I admire – his portfolio is full of shots that are risky, but absolutely work and set him apart.

James Melia is probably my favourite wedding photographer working at the moment, he has an amazing eye and the way he treats his photos is very unique – he is an incredibly talented artist.

How do you unwind?

Large glass of red usually does the trick…

What is your signature dish?

Detail shots of the bride getting ready I would say – this is probably my favourite part of the wedding day. The calm before the storm and always great opportunities for creative filming.

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love work on?

For a man, Tom Ford – now that would be a stylish and sophisticated wedding…with amazing suits!

For the lady, I’d go with Anne Hathaway – oscar winning actress, stylish and classically beautiful…and would be great to get repeat business from her friends.

What is your vice?

Gin has been known to get the better of me.

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