Member Focus: Helen Carter

Today we welcome Helen from Helen Carter Weddings.

Helen Carter

Helen Carter

Why did you become a wedding planner?

I’m originally a biological scientist and was working at a large pharmaceutical company, but I wasn’t satisfied with the corporate, target-driven environment. After planning my own wedding 3 years previously I realised that I am very passionate about weddings, and loved the organisation and logistical planning that is necessary for this type of event.

I spent about 12 months researching the industry, during which time I trained with the UKAWP and assisted other wedding planners. When I was made redundant, it seemed the perfect opportunity to launch my own company and do what I really love.

What’s your signature dish? 

I don’t have a signature dish as such, as I strongly believe in creating events that reflect the personalities of each client. I’m always looking for new ideas and designs, and finding those suppliers who are willing to do that little bit extra to make a client’s day absolutely perfect.

Do you have a favourite venue? 

I don’t have a particular favourite, as I’m researching and discovering new venues all the time. I have to admit that I do love romantic venues with lots of history – I just love walking into a room with fabulous architecture, plush furnishings and decadent chandeliers. However, I equally love those venues that are a blank canvas, and are really flexible for the client to create their own unique celebration.

How do you unwind? 

A long walk over the meadows with the dog always helps clear my head. Otherwise it’s a glass of cider on the patio in the sunshine!

If you could plan a celebrity wedding (alive or dead) whose would it be? 

I’d love to plan a royal wedding! I love all the pageantry and tradition, and the logistics of organising the event would be a great challenge. It would, however, probably give me a nervous breakdown!

Which wedding planner’s work do you respect/admire and why

I admire planners that have been in business for several years, but are still as passionate about their work as when they first started and continue to create stunning events. In particular, I have a lot of respect for those planners that are willing to help newcomers to the industry. It’s very difficult when you first start out, so having people that are willing to offer advice and support makes a huge difference. Before I launched my business I helped Zoe Lingard at two of her weddings – it was an invaluable experience, and I really appreciated the opportunity to work directly with an experienced planner.

What is your vice?  

Chocolate, biscuits and tea, preferably all together! Oh, and tiramisu!

Thank you Helen, dont forget to visit her website for my details on her services

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