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We are delighted to introduce Julie Silver Weddings & Events over to you Julie…

How did it all start?

I’ve been in event management for more than 14 years. When I planned my own wedding I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it (even on top of a very busy job) and how I didn’t really feel any stress at all (contrary to everything I’d read!). I realised it was down to the skills I’d acquired in my career and I thought about what it must be like to feel that very intense stress and overwhelm about something that should be really enjoyable. This got me thinking about how I could help other remove this stress, alongside fully planning my sister-in-laws wedding in just 5 months and then it all just snowballed from there! Now the ethos of my business is all centred around my belief that all couples deserve to find the build up to their wedding an enjoyable time!

Do you have a favourite venue?

I worked on a wedding at Fawley Hill near Henley. It’s the most eclectic, colourful place centred around a Victorian railway station, complete with fully-working Victorian carousel, llamas. peacocks and all sorts. It’s not for everyone but I loved the colour and uniqueness of the place.

How would clients describe you?

I am super-organised, full of solutions, creative, and have a frightening attention-to-detail – no wedding stone will be left unturned! I’ve had some lovely feedback from clients and they often mention my humour, kindness and empathy too. My goal with every client is to remove the stress and up the enjoyment of their wedding-planning!

Wedding planners or suppliers you particularly admire?

I’m a sucker for anything a bit twinkly or lit up (I spend about 10 minutes at home every night ‘doing the lighting’ in my living room) so I love everything that Vowed and Amazed do. Their range of quirky props is also amazing and I’m desperate for one of my couples to incorporate it into their wedding (particularly the blossom tree).

How do you unwind?

I love music and find blasting out something loud at the end of the day really helps me wash the day off – in particular female singer-song writers of the 90s! I’m also not ashamed to admit I love karaoke and musicals! And when I really want to switch my brain off I love watching American teen dramas – despite not being their target audience (think Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill….).

On a more boring note, I’m a compulsive list-writer and nothing makes me happier than bullet points! I end every day by writing my to do list for the next day and it really helps me switch off the evening.

What trends are you seeing for 2018/19?

As much as I loved the foliage and greenery from last year (and I worked on the styling of an amazing wedding where our goal was to bring the outdoors inside), I am looking forward to the return of some colour Ultra Violet as the Pantone colour of the year (even better that it’s the colour palette of my company branding!).

What is your signature dish?

Very boring but roast chicken. You can’t beat the classics.

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love work on?

Marilyn Monroe or Kate Moss – both classically stylish but cool with their own very strong looks going on. Both style icons of mine and I know I would love anything they wanted for their weddings.

What is your vice?

Shoes (excessive purchasing of). I have a floor to ceiling shoe rack in my bedroom (which I call The Shoe Museum) and I still have to keep a large proportion of them in another room. Having said, you’ll rarely see me out of a pair of Chelsea boots (of which, I have many many pairs….).

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