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Today we’d like to introduce you April who runs Kook Events. Over to you April…

Kook Events

How did it all start? I’ve worked in events for both large global events management companies and small businesses, and as a stylist for both high end designers and well known high street retailers since I was 19 years old. I loved elements of both things (such as organisation, logistics and design) so wedding planning as a career is perfect for me!

Do you have a favourite venue? I love barns, tipis and quirky venues – but picking just one is too hard! In Yorkshire, Saltmarshe Hall is stunning and so versatile, Barmbyfield Barns is lovely, and North Star Club is a super stylish location for a woodland tipi wedding. Further afield, I’d love to plan a wedding at the Asylum in London or Preston Court near Margate!

How would clients describe you? Fun, happy, creative and glittery – Once a client asked if I was feeling ill because I was wearing all black rather than something colourful, vintage and sparkly! They say I’m incredibly organized too – I have a list for everything. I am a list addict.

Wedding planner/s you admire? I love Revelry Events! Their styled shoots are so colourful and different, definitely right up my street. There are so many wonderful planners out there though, all inspiring and successful in their own right.

How do you unwind? In my office I put on some good music, but on an evening off I usually chill out with a nice gin, some sort of box set or Netflix series, and my cat. (Rock and roll!)

What themes are you working on for 2016/17? I’ve just finished a fabulous colourful scandi woodland shoot, which was super fun. I’m also working on a rustic pastels/foliage themed barn wedding in Yorkshire for 2018 at the moment, which will be full of fun little details and personal touches. I’ve got another styled shoot in the pipeline for later in the year but I won’t divulge the theme just yet…

What trends are you seeing? I’m not a huge “trend” person really… For me it’s more about a couple’s own personal taste/style and the things they enjoy day to day, rather than what’s perceived as being “en vogue”. I do like the Pantone Greenery trend though, and rose gold is always pretty – but for me I always love an injection of colour and fun in a wedding celebration, whether it be mermaids, flamingos or Glastonbury that inspires someone’s big day!

What is your signature dish? Beer can chicken with sweet potato wedges! So yummy. I also make good scones too!

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love to design? This is hard! Simply focusing on the living to make it easier… Probably either Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Page or Kristen Wiig’s wedding? They’re all really cool, I reckon they’d be so much fun to work for, and I think they’d want to show their guests a fun time too!

Is the job as glamorous as you thought? Having had a similar career path for almost my entire adult life, I was under no illusions that wedding planning and styling would be all glitz and glamour! In reality I think I spend most of my time in my office hunched over a desk, and when I’m on site at a wedding, most of the day seems to be spent either up a ladder or scrabbling around on my knees adjusting hems and picking things up off the floor! (I wouldn’t change it for the world though).

What is your vice? Going shopping for bits and pieces for various interior design or craft projects… especially at Flying Tiger or Hobbycraft. I can’t walk into any of those places without spending at least £100!

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