Member Focus – Lindy Dowling Wedding & Event Planners

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our newer Associate Members, the lovely Lindy from Lindy Dowling Wedding & Event Planners ……


How did it all start?

After many years working in the City I decided it was time for a change and launched my floristry business. After years in this profession, meeting key suppliers and being involved in the set up and design of many beautiful weddings, a natural progression due to my love of weddings was to begin planning them…I’ve never looked back.

Do you have a favourite venue?

My all time favorite has to be Claridge’s, closely followed by a very cute barn in the Kent countryside which, has a vintage fairground and many props available to the Bride & Groom.

How would clients describe you?

Approachable, calm and kind natured with a keen eye for perfection. I am always at hand to offer a warm reassuring smile, yet very committed to carrying out my duties as planned, and on time.

Wedding planner/s you admire?

Mark Niemierko. He has built up a prestigious business in a relatively short space of time and is now the preferred planner of celebrities. I admire all of the UKAWP members, particularly for their passion for success and the supportive network that they offer.

How do you unwind?

By watching a movie at home with a glass of wine..and a cheeky Thai takeaway would round off an evening for me perfectly.

What themes are you working on for 2013/14?

The two most prominent themes are ‘Garden’ style, where my Bride wants to bring the beauty and ambiance of the garden within her venue. The second being a very bright and bold wedding with a ‘Circus’ theme.

What trends are you seeing?

Food carts, cake pops, hand painted stationery and very bright and bold daring colours, as opposed to the vintage style of late. Also Brides are favouring very classic, elegant designs with simple classy styling.

What is your signature dish?

Scallop linguine, simply delicious!

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love to design?

Marilyn Monroe, imagine the glamour, diamonds and flowers! Every girl’s dream.

Is the job as glamorous as you thought?

I had no illusions; I never expected to be the next J-Lo that’s for sure! I enjoy the hard work, it is definitely worthwhile when I see the happiness on my clients faces on their big day…for me that moment is unbeatable.

What is your vice?

That’s easy, Pralines and Cream ice cream, it’s the devil in disguise.

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