Member Focus – Lisa Johnson Ceremonies

Lisa Johnson Ceremonies

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Lisa Johnson who has joined as a Wedding Supplier Partner in her capacity as a Celebrant. Lisa is also a planner member, so many of you may already know her….


How did it all start?

I’d been planning weddings for a few years and realised that although all of the weddings were really unique and completely bespoke to the couple and their personalities, the ceremonies just weren’t. A registrar would come in who the couple didn’t know and had usually never met before, would say the same wording that they always say and it was just all a bit dull! So I trained as a celebrant so that I could write completely unique ceremonies about the couple, their families, their story – it also meant that for those couples that had different religions or cultural traditions, they could still honour them in their own ceremony.

Once we started specializing in warehouse and unique venue weddings, it became even more important as most aren’t licensed for legal weddings so they would always want to have a celebrant-led wedding.

Do you have a favourite venue?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite. I’m partial to a dry hire space such as Hoxton Arches or MC Motors but I have lots of weddings next year at Villa Bologna in Malta which is just so beautiful!

How would clients describe you?

Straight talking and very honest! My celebrant style is a bit more lighthearted than most but I do like to stress the importance of marriage along with that. A very moving, deep and meaningful ceremony just doesn’t suit all couples so I make sure I write a ceremony that’s comfortable for them.

Wedding planners or suppliers you particularly admire?

So many planners I love in this industry! I’m lucky enough to have got to know many planners and suppliers over the last three years planning and they all do such great work and I love that everyone has their own distinct style.

How do you unwind?

I play with my 5 year old twin boys. They very quickly make you forget about all of the work you still have to do! I love travelling too so you’ll often find me flying off to somewhere and if it’s for work, I generally add a couple of days on to see the place and relax.

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love work on?

Someone with style! Alexa Chung will have a fun wedding (hopefully an urban wedding in London) or maybe Suki Waterhouse. Anyone that doesn’t want the usual luxury wedding and wants something a bit funkier instead!

What is your vice?

A pornstar martini or two and a hell of a lot of chocolate (my usual is 3 bars a day which I say I’ll cut down on every January and never do!)

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