Member Focus – Matthew Oliver

I was one of the Directors involved in Matthew’s training in the UK, albeit he has lots of previous experience. Having done this, and having worked with him recently, I am more than pleased to introduce him to the wider member and subscriber community……

How did it all start?

My wedding planning career all started quite weirdly as I was in Cyprus as a holiday rep 5 years ago and shockingly one of the planners left randomly, leaving the team in need.  The management asked me as I was the only person interested and immediately got the job (not knowing what I was getting myself into).  After a few months of I can’t do this and thinking about my rep life I got a visit from my manager as she was not convinced I could achieve the work load.  After that conversation something clicked and I became the best in the game and went onto working with independent planners in Cyprus as well as Luxurious Yachts offering a personal, original venue.  After 4 years I decided to come back to the UK as I knew I had what it took to be successful over here and here I am Matthew Oliver – The Wedding Planner.   


Do you have a favourite venue?

I don’t really have a favourite venue as I’m so picky, it has to be perfect!  I look for detail and character in all venues that I recommend, and it’s so true avenue has to reflect your personality to make it work for you.  However one of my favourite venues that I have been to was when I was a guest at my sister’s wedding at Maunsel House in Somerset a manner house with so much history and class.  As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it, not only because I saw my sister all over it but because it was like you were in a different era and you could feel the history.      


How would clients describe you?

Clients would say I design their wedding as if I was creating my own as I foresee their needs and personality’s and create that perfect wedding.  Some would also say that I’m fun, loving, caring, enthusiastic and charming. 


Wedding planner you admire?

I would have to say Sandy, Bernadette, Kelly and Isabel as I have met you all and even had the pleasure to work with you which was a great privilege.  You are all admiring, professional, comforting and a joy to of met and work with.


How do you unwind?

I like to go for 5 miles runs 4 times a week; at first it was a mission to get myself motivated for it, however now I am becoming a bit of an addict and can’t get enough of it!  I am also a massive nature geek and like my country walks followed by an old traditional pub.  To top it off my best friend has a hot tub and I go round there when I need a good old relaxation, all I bring is that important bottle of sparkling wine as no hot tub is right without it (All this makes me so happy and relaxed).


What themes are you working on for 2012/13?

The main and most interesting theme I’m working with next year is a Swan Lake theme with classic and simple whites and creams, ball gowns, ballerinas and all created in a spectacular room with 6 large pillars.  Ironically the bride want’s this at her family home with their own lake and swans!    


What trends are you seeing?

I’m seeing a lot of 1950’s polka dot meets vibrant mix mash of colour at the moment and a lot for next year.  I also see a lot of themes been brought together cleverly instead of been distasteful which is quite interesting and first thought scary, but I like what I’m seeing.  I think/believe that we will be seeing a lot of retro and funky trends in the next few years.  


What is your signature dish?

Mango chicken kebabs served with rustic herby roast potatoes.  A glass of prosecco is the perfect partner for this dish (makes me want to cook it now, especially for the prosecco).


Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love to design?

Ever since I could remember Madonna was in my life!!  When I was a little boy I remember dancing around the room to Vogue with my sister learning the dance and watching dad join in (great memories).  Even now I still listen and follow her with great admiration as she is not only an entertainer but an extremely successful business woman.  To imagine her wedding would be a dream, but to organise it would be heavenly.  You can totally imagine it would be a creation of life and use a completely different style that we have not seen before and her dress would be a masterpiece on its own.   However it would be the biggest challenge to any wedding or events planner as it would have to be better that perfect, but truly rewarding. 


Is the job as glamorous as you thought?

It can be as glamorous as you make it, but what you make is a creation, all creations has hard work behind it!  In answer to the question yes and no, but I love my job even if it would take me to the deadliest and roughest part of the world.  


What is your vice?

I feel all nature deserves a right to live even if it’s a mosquito and tend to save everything instead of killing it vigorously.  Also I have a massive love to all Disney films and tend to sing – a- long to it all.

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