Member Focus: Melanie Kiani

Today we’re thrilled to be joined by Melanie Kiani of Bellisimo Events for our regular Member Focus section.


Why did you become a wedding planner?
After almost 12 years in the law I wanted a complete change and boy was this it!  I wanted to draw on lots of experience which had gained whilst training to become a lawyer which would help me in a new career.  Having done various jobs in the past within the wedding and events industry including chef in commercial kitchens, running my own small catering business, working in a bridal shop and running charity fundraising events from a young age this seemed like a great idea for me.  People tell me that I must have an OCD when it comes to organisation!  I am very much an organiser, good manager and a quick thinker so I wanted to launch my own business offering first class service to clients for their own weddings and events.

What’s your USP?
It would have to be the legal expertise that my clients get with their wedding planner!  You could say that clients get two types of expert rolled into one – I can plan the event for them and make sure any legal angles are correctly covered.  All the years of working to tight timescales and working under pressure has given me no end of experience for ensuring that weddings and events are organised meticulously and run smoothly.

How would your clients describe you?
I have been described as running events with “military precision” – I will take that as a compliment!  I hope that I am also good fun to work with offering inspiration and ideas along the way but overall delivering that complete package and always going that extra mile for my clients.

How do you unwind?
You can’t beat a bit of exercise – a rigorous work out at the gym or a game of netball – followed of course by the compulsory glass of wine and a  big slab of cheese!

If you could plan a celebrity wedding (alive or dead) whose would it be?
In a recent press feature it was quoted that I am waiting for Robbie Williams to propose – I am still waiting for the call!  Other than Robbie, I would love to plan a wedding for someone such as Gordon Ramsey or Simon Cowell both of whom would present a very big challenge but one that I would gladly take on!  Its’ a shame that Gordon is already married and Simon has no plans to marry. Oh well!

Is the job as glamorous as you thought?

I did not think that the job was glamorous so I am not disappointed!  I thought the job would be  hard work and dedication and that is exactly how it is.  Any job involving people is likely to be tricky at times as you are dealing with human emotions particularly in this industry when its’ the most important day of most people’s lives.  It is very rewarding when you achieve something very special for a client who is delighted so that does make it all worthwhile.

Which wedding planner’s work do you respect/admire and why?

Those established planners who are so very kind and helpful when new planners launch their business and that really is invaluable support to offer.

What themes are you working on for 2009?
I guess because its spring, the pastel colours are feeling really good at the moment – I love any theme on yellow which is great for spring or summer.  The sunshine colour really does have a happy feel.  At the moment I am working on a barn dance themed wedding for early summer which should be fun too – very informal and relaxed but lots of lovely touches to the day.

What is your vice?
Wine, and cheese…oh and crisps

A huge thank you to Melanie for joining us today. To find out more about Bellissimo please visit the website.

Photo credit: Lloyd Dobbie

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