Member Focus: Nikki Foster

Today I am pleased to introduce Nikki Foster from I Do Designer Weddings Ltd one of our associate members based in Leeds.

nikki-fosterWhy did you become a wedding planner?

Hmmm – interesting question.  My background is actually in financial services; eight years of top level investment management.  However, throughout my career I have been heavily involved in arranging events and weddings for people around me.  I guess I became an ‘unofficial’ wedding planner a long time before I became an official one!

It wasn’t until my mother got ill and challenged my career that I realised that I was in the wrong job.  She gave me the courage to walk away from a successful career and set up my dream business – I haven’t looked back!

What’s your USP?

So many of them!  If I can only pick one little thing I guess it has to be my ability to listen.  It might sound irrelevant, but I have an exceptional ability to ‘hear’ what people are saying when they are describing their dream day. 

Understanding a vision is the key to being able to transform it into reality for a couple.  Setting to work to design, plan and manage the day is the easy bit.

Do you have a favourite venue?

There are so many amazing venues around Yorkshire and Cheshire.  Swinton Park, Allerton Castle, The Star Inn – they are all beautiful and all different.  However my absolute favourite venue has to be a marquee on private land.  There is nothing better than a blank canvas to inject the bride and grooms personalities into.  My current favourites are Papakata tents – just brilliant for a really different look and feel – when dressed for a wedding they have the Wow factor in spades. 

How would your clients describe you?

It has to be as a perfectionist.

Design is very important to our weddings; we aim to make each one very different and representative of the bride and groom – I am relentless until we have it absolutely right! 

If you could plan a celebrity wedding (alive or dead) whose would it be?

Well, the obvious one is a Royal Wedding – I would revel in planning a wedding for Prince Harry. It would be fabulous to be able to really go to town with no restriction on budget.  I have picked Harry because his personality would surely allow for some real fun elements to be injected into the day!

When you’re ready Harry – you know where we are!

 Which wedding planner’s work do you respect/admire and why?

There are so many!  Zoe Lingard’s website inspired me when I was initially investigating changing careers and I like to keep abreast of what Mark Niemierko is up to. 

What’s your biggest achievement since launching?

Everything!  I set up my business during a very difficult period in my life – losing my mother.  So for me, ‘I Do Designer Weddings’ is a huge achievement in itself. 

I would also say that my biggest achievement is always changing as it’s my last wedding – seeing the months of planning and management culminate in a fabulous event provides the most amazing buzz.

Every happy client is a big achievement!

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