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Amy Langmead

Today we are pleased to introduce you to the  Amy Langmead, Female Vocalist who also runs Pink Vanilla Events and is a new Supplier Partner. Over to you Amy…..

Pink Vanilla Events

How did it all start?

After a love for all my childhood life for entertainment and singing I became a Butlins Redcoat, where I perfected my confidence, to be on a microphone, to be able to communicate with a crowd, be myself and show people who and what I was all about.

I sang at Butlins but never to my full potential, I was more of a 18 year old party animal at the time, but it was when I was working on Carnival Cruiselines out of Miami USA that I began to appreciate all the different elements of entertainment, styles, what reactions each musical vibe delivered. I saw a huge musical variety from all over the world, being enjoyed by people from different countries and backgrounds. I realised how much passion I had for music itself especially singing and performing it, but also how important it is to get it right and what a completely amazing feeling the right music could bring.

I felt the wedding and event industry in my area back in the UK after attending many weddings, was seriously lacking. Clients weren’t being told and shown what was truly possible and how much entertainment could literally transform an event. So I came home and it all started from there.

Do you have a favourite venue?

That’s a really tough one… I don’t think I have.

Ive had the priveledge of performing at such varying events all over the UK and abroad, so its hard to compare them all. Singing the now Mrs Groves down the aisle in Santorini was provably the most beautiful location and would take a bit of beating for scenery!! Truly breathtaking

How would clients describe you?

Professional, but personable. Fun and seriously happy! I am always ridiculously happy!!

Wedding planners or suppliers you particularly admire?

I adore Lousie of Louise Perry Weddings, I think we have a little bond through our entertainment background and she is wonderful at what she does! Inspirational infact.

I own my entertainment event management company Pink Vanilla Events and we work a lot on our own events as well as private ones and have worked closely with Justin at Limeberry catering a lot and I think he is incredibly talented and has an amazing team too.

I have a wonderful close knit network of suppliers that I have worked with up until this point and I admire them all equally, I am looking forward to expanding this to find some further like minded fabulous people in the industry.

How do you unwind?

Sad to say it , but I run!! I love running and with every stride let go of any negativeness ( if that’s even a word, I do like to create my own words to describe things!!) from the day and makes me feel great in the process!

What trends are you seeing for 2017/18?

I see a great love for the DJ live musical element, a musician that is not the most obvious you would team up with a DJ.

A live professional mixing dj with Violinist for example. I love these contrast and the brilliant music you can cover collaborating together like this.


These sort of options also ae a lot more cost effective for a client and offers the DJ / disco element that a party thrives on with a live musician element, without the pricetag of a full band.

I also love, although its been with us a while now, the full band with a real great production, sound, lighting, staging, choreography and a real old school element. Garage sets mashed up into music through all eras. Old school 90’s that takes you into the electronic dance sound from the day and I think this will continue to grow.

What is your signature dish?

Got to be lasagne!!!! Yum!!! Its even making me salivate writing this! 

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love work on?

 Kate Middleton and Prince William!! A Million percent!!

I would absolutely own that entertainment schedule!

I think they are a remarkable couple, with great qualities that appeal royally and to the younger generation. It would be a great example of what is traditional at a wedding, but with a new, younger vibe throughout the celebrations too.

I could keep it classy and elegant throughout their drinks reception and wedding breakfast and then we could absolutely let loose and really funk it up in the evening once Prince Phillip has had a few brandies!

What is your vice?

It’s got to be Champagne.

Oh and chocolate.

Preferably together.

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