Member Focus – Pure White Wedding Company

I’m delighted to introduce you to Lisa Nicholas from the Pure White Wedding Company who is one of our associate members in Warwickshire.

Lisa Nichols

How did it all start? Having worked as a PA for Managing Director in a busy marketing environment I thrived on the buzz of project management and deadlines. I wanted to combine the skills as a PA and Project Manager with my creative side and my world of Wedding Planning was started.  I had always wanted to start my own business and the opportunity came and the right time in life.

Do you have a favourite venue? A tough one! I am very lucky to be associated with many lovely venues such as Fawsley Hall in Northamptonshire, Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, Ettington Park in Stratford… but my favorite would have to be Blenheim Palace in Woodstock. It is a beautiful venue and I am very lucky to be working with the Palace for a wedding in September.

How would clients describe you?  Very organised, very approachable and very chatty! I love to hear about a clients plans and if I can make it happen it will happen!

Wedding planner/s you admire? I really admire Sarah Haywood – I think she has inspired so many wedding planners and given them an insight into the world of planning through her “Wedding Bible” – she also comes across as a thoroughly lovely person too and very genuine.

How do you unwind? I have 3 boys so the word “unwind” does not really exist in my house! I do love to run – I have completed a couple of 10K runs and will be training for a half marathon soon!

What themes are you working on for 2014/15?  There are no specific themes as such – but the personalisation of a clients wedding is in each wedding I do. Elements such as a photograph of a Grandparent or a ring are incorporated into the day. I have a client whom have cats and these will be the cake toppers. I think it is important to follow your heart and include anything that means something to you.

What trends are you seeing?  The 1920s/1930’s and Vintage are here to stay. I love the 1960’s boho style coming through (brides wearing their mums wedding dresses are fabulous). Blush Pink is a gorgeous colour and I am really pleased it is becoming more popular. I love illusion and plunging backs – and two piece separates are appearing too. I think food is becoming more personalised and rather than sticking with a buffet menu couples are incorporating their own likes into the menus and thinking outside the box.

What is your signature dish? I make amazing meatballs apparently! And I do a mean Shepherds Pie…

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love to design? i would make myself available for George Clooneys wedding – a huge budget in a gorgeous Italian location surrounded by A listers and the most amazing food and wine ! what more could you ask for!

Is the job as glamorous as you thought?  Hard work yes, unsociable hours yes, glamorous no! but do I enjoy it – yes I love my job as a Wedding Planner.

What is your vice? Bubbles! Champagne, Prosecco…. And a tall glass!


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