Member Focus: Sandy Moretta

In our regular fortnightly series we welcome Sandy Moretta from Tern Events based in Herts, Sandy is our membership director for the UKAWP.

Sandy Moretta

Sandy Moretta

Why did you become a wedding planner?
Having spent 12 years in payment card marketing roles, travelling abroad a lot and working to other people’s schedules, I filled in one of those ‘what would you do if you could do anything?’ questionnaires on the web. Two major elements came out of it – I needed to work for myself and it had to be something which made other people happy. Wedding or party planning was the suggestion.

What’s your USP?
Sticking rigidly to the budget is probably the main one. Although many clients change their overall budget, I will always try to stick to the original one. Being extremely organised (often to the point where I have almost to be surgically removed from my clipboard) and not being afraid of having to put together a wedding in a very short period of time are also useful.

How would your clients describe you?
One early client described me as ‘a magical fairy Godmother of a woman with a touch of Superman’. I cannot claim to be either but it was a lovely comment. Otherwise people use words like organised, calm, approachable and down to earth, all of which make me happy.

How do you unwind? 
I run – not very far, not very well, but it’s free and I don’t need to phone a friend to do it with. I go early morning, before I have woken up sufficiently to change my mind. Otherwise I watch escapism type TV or read.

Is the job as glamorous as you thought? 
I don’t think I thought it would be glamorous, but I certainly didn’t realise how much hard work would be involved, or what a huge variety of bizarre bits of knowledge I would accumulate. I found myself able to quote the weight of an empty v full 49 seater coach last week, having once had to send one on a long detour rather than crack a small bridge near the wedding venue. If I had been asked which items I would always have in the boot of my car, wellies would not have been top, but they are now!

Which wedding planner’s work do you respect/admire and why? 

It would have to be those planners whose creativity and design flair blow me away. Wedded as I am to my clipboard, I have to put a lot of thought into design/ colour/ theming unlike those to whom it comes so naturally. My lovely co-directors, both of whom I have worked with on occasion, are also two of my favourites – they create gorgeous weddings.

What themes are you working on for 2009? 
Simple and elegant, with deep reds and golds for July; burnt orange with Autumnal colours and lots of wood for September and ‘Darling Buds of May’ meets Harvest Festival with gingham, horseshoes, wheat sheaves and lots of hay bales.

What is your vice?
Dry white wine and those wonderful cashew nuts covered in way too much salt!

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