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Today we introduce you to our newest Associate Member, Sara Jane of Weddings by Sara Jane. Over to you…


How did it all start?

I was an event organiser for almost 12 years, working on some very high profile corporate and sporting events including the winter Olympics in 1998.  I have always been obsessed with weddings, and after planning a few for friends I was completely hooked and decided to move from corporate events to weddings on a full-time basis.  Weddings are such exciting and happy occasions that it’s always a privilege to be part of one.

Do you have a favorite venue?

Down South I am a fan of Preston Court, Stoke Place and Nonsuch Mansion.  Up in Scotland, I love Drumtochty Castle, Fasque House and the Raemoir House Hotel.  Scotland has an endless list of beautiful venues for couples to choose from and each time I see a new one I am bowled over.  The natural landscape doesn’t do any harm either!

How would clients describe you?

Enthusiastic, flexible, helpful, tenacious and detail orientated.

Wedding planner/s you admire?

David Tutera is my guilty pleasure.  Yes, he is flamboyant and over the top, but I think he always listens to the couple’s vision (no matter how quirky) and brings it to life in a way they would never have managed to without his help.  To me, that’s what it is all about.

How do you unwind?

Spending time with my beautiful family.

What themes are you working on for 2013/14?

Everything is still quite rustic and vintage for 2013/14 with almost all my clients going for a version on this theme, but I am really looking forward to doing a wedding at the world’s biggest yurt (literally!) at Crimonmogate Estate in May 2014.

What trends are you seeing?

I love the trend for mixing and matching bridesmaid’s attire and glitzy black-tie dress codes.  I see a more opulent 1920s twist on the ever-popular trend for all things vintage, which I love.  I notice that food is becoming less traditional with a lot of barbecues, themed food stations and dessert buffets. Overall couples seem to be moving further away from staunch tradition and getting much more creative and personal with their weddings.

What is your signature dish?

Gluten free Lasagna and chicken escalope.

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love to design?

That would have to be Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.  Although never married, these two have stood the test of time and have an obvious easygoing warmth and affection between them.  I think Goldie would be an incredibly fun bride to work with and I am sure their circle of friends and family would make for a fantastic party.

Is the job as glamorous as you thought?

I wouldn’t say glamorous, but it’s an awful lot of fun and rarely feels like work.

What is your vice?

The Wedding Channel.  It drives my family mad!



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