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Delighted to be be able to introduce Wiskow & White, over to you Lucy and Danielle

How did it all start?

When Lucy was planning her wedding in Italy, Danielle was recommended by a mutual Italian friend as a wedding planner / coordinator and caterer.  Lucy was struggling to plan some aspects of the day from afar and what with the language barrier, wanted to find someone to help with a few bits like sourcing some flowers (Lucy would then make the wedding flowers), catering and arranging the legal paperwork.

We got on amazingly well and we decided to give wedding planning a go, offering the product that Lucy couldn’t find when planning her wedding.

Do you have a favourite venue?

We don’t often work at the same venue twice as our service includes finding a venue that specifically suits our couples needs.

Lucy: I really love Guardastelle near San Gimignano. The views are amazing, they make their own wine and olive oil, the owner is lovely to work with and it has the homemade wedding vibe.

Danielle: I couldn’t pick just one. I really enjoy working at  Villa Monaciano.

How would clients describe you?

We hope that they’d say we are a good team, organised, friendly and caring, and clearly very passionate about planning weddings.

Wedding planners or suppliers you particularly admire?

We genuinely admire everyone that works in the wedding industry, especially those that have set up their own small businesses. While the industry and our work is full of joy, love and happiness, there is also so much hard work and as we all know, challenges along the way. Everyone deserves admiration!

We particularly admire the work of Anna Frascisco  as a planner working in Italy.

How do you unwind?

Lucy: Going for a run!

Danielle: relaxing with my family (2 older children) at our home near Siena.

What trends are you seeing for 2018/19?

Lots of straight lines.

More DIY flowers.

Still lots of metalics.

Lighting playing a huge role in the wedding.

What is your signature dish?

Lucy: Homemade pizza – cooked in our garden pizza oven.

Danielle: Tuscan soup.

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love work on?

Lucy: I’d love to have been able to return the favour and help Danielle with her wedding, which was before I was born!

What is your vice?

We both LOVE Cadbury’s milk chocolate and can often be seen scoffing it whilst hurrying around on our wedding days!

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