Membership for more established Wedding Planners

In the final section of our recent series explaining why certain planners choose to apply for UKAWP membership, we turn to those planners who have been trading for a year or more: sometimes for many years.

If you are trading successfully in your target location and taking bookings from sufficient of your chosen bridal audience, you may not feel that UKAWP membership is necessary. However, we get applications from many such businesses whose owners, when asked, cite a variety of reasons for applying, such as:

  • desire to be part of a community of like minded business owners
  • networking opportunities and ability to ‘help one another out’
  • listing on the UKAWP website, to which many brides go having read UKAWP advertisements or articles
  • keenness to be a part of an organisation which aims to bring professionalism to an unregulated industry
  • wish to demonstrate their adherence to our Code of Business Practice, which many follow even when not members

Code of Business Practice

I agree to:

Respond to enquiries within 48 hours
Respect client confidentiality
Disclose any suppliers I have a vested interest in
Pass discounts and/or commission onto clients
Ensure my Public Liability insurance is up to date
Never give client details to any third party not involved with the wedding
Respect copyright from fellow wedding professionals
Represent each client fairly and honestly
Use legally sound business contracts with clients*

If you have been in business for a year or more, and perhaps have questions about whether UKAWP membership is for you, please contact Sandy on or 01442 828061 who will make every effort to help you decide one way or the other.

You are also most welcome to contact any of our members to ask them about their own experience with the UKAWP.

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