Membership Points System

As Membership Director I am often asked how our membership points system works, so I thought I would try to lay it out very simply….

A couple of years ago we altered the way our members ‘climb the UKAWP ladder’. Following feedback from the membership we realised that there was the potential for some members to be promoted through the levels without actually managing many weddings at all. Clearly this was all wrong.

So, following a member survey, we introduced the system we use today whereby both new and experienced planners can become members and move through our levels based on weddings planned, continued education (both UKAWP and non-UKAWP) attendance at events and overall contribution.

On Application

Applicants fill in a simple online form which can be found here, which takes you through the points you have already, such as years in business, courses attended or completed etc. You are then allocated a starting points level. This is usually somewhere within our entry ‘Associate Member’ level which is between 0 – 10 points.


Moving Forward

Members then move up through the following levels on reaching the points indicated below and are given a slightly different logo for each level – see Member Level One logo below:

11-30 points          Member Level One

31-60 points          Member Level Two

61-90 points          Member Level Three


Our most senior level of membership, which it takes a number of dedicated years to achieve, is that of Supreme Member with 91+ points. Whereas it is theoretically possible to enter at levels above Associate, with many years of experience, and does sometimes happen, no planner can enter as a Supreme Member.

How quickly can Members move up the ladder?

Members move at a wide variety of rates, depending upon many things. Some attend and get involved with everything imaginable, whilst building up the weddings they plan quickly; others take it more slowly, perhaps focussing on planning non-wedding events too, or initially working part time.

Importantly, albeit subs are paid annually*, should a member attain the points for the next level they can move up immediately.

Destination and Wedding Supplier Members

At this juncture, our points system applies only to planner members based in the UK. The reasons for this are twofold:

  • Destination Members cannot enter as brand new planners, in the way Associates can in the UK. They must have been trading for one or more years and be able to provide references. This, coupled with the fact that it is much harder for those based abroad to attend events and training, means they work outside the points arena.
  • Wedding Supplier Membership is still in its initial two year pilot. In July 2015 any changes to the system we deem necessary, following research amongst this group of members, will be put into place.

I hope this answers a few queries about our points system. If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, Sandy Moretta, on I look forward to hearing from you.

*or quarterly if members prefer



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