My top 5 mistakes, and what you should learn from them! – Part 2

One of our long term members, Isabel Smith has frequently written informative posts for our blog on life as a wedding planner. Last year she wrote an excellent one on valuing your worth as a wedding planner. In this new series for the UKAWP she is discussing her top 5 mistakes and how you can learn from them.

TOP MISTAKE NO 4:  Talking bigger than I was

When we start out (and to be honest, even once well established) we all need to  ‘fake it until we make it’ a little.  We might not always feel supremely confident about our experience level, but without walking tall, we won’t convert anything in order to gain that experience!

There is a line though.

In my first year, the second enquiry I ever received was for a 6-week-prior type service.  The enquiry came in September-ish time for a wedding the following year sometime as I recall.  Since the established planners all operated a policy whereby they wouldn’t take on a 6-week prior booking until around 4 months prior to the date (a solid policy to prevent you blocking out a prime date too early which might lead to you missing out on a full-plan), that was the line I took with the client.

What an idiot!

Yes, the policy is a sound one in theory, but it was my FIRST YEAR!  I was still at the point where contact from anyone (work experience applicant, random supplier, press) was a huge win – and here I was essentially TURNING DOWN my second ever enquiry.

I say again, what an idiot!


I thought I had worded my reply cleverly enough that they would understand that whilst I didn’t usually take on a smaller booking this far ahead, I was willing to make an exception.  All I actually did was manage to p*** them off enough that they wanted nothing to do with me.  Sounds so ridiculous and obvious now of course

So yes, whilst a bit of ‘bigging yourself up’ is sensible, don’t get carried away until you’ve actually made it.


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