Partial Planning Clarity

I’ve been pondering the way wedding planners charge but also how planners may call a service something similar, charge the same but the level of their involvement might vary dramatically. In fact this came up recently when running our courses, 2 of the students had hired planners for partial planning and neither one was 100% happy with the service they received. Upon quizzing them it became apparent that they were expecting a-z from their planner but the planner delivered m-z.

I therefore felt perhaps as planners we don’t always explain to clients exactly what they will be getting for each service they book? Are you very clear in your proposal and contracts as to what is and isn’t included?

Things to consider include:

1. How many meetings with the client is included

2. Your travel costs

3. How many supplier you will source if any

4. Will you be re-confirming all suppliers

5. How many hours are you there for the day

6. Does the price include general admin

7. Does the price include design concepts

a. Mood boards

b. Sourcing & buying items for the wedding

8. Does the price include you setting the wedding up the day before

9. Does the price include you clearing the day after

10. Does the price include you attending supplier meetings

11. Does the price include additional support from UKAWP members if it’s a large wedding

Do you offer partial planning? You do you breakdown your service? Perhaps you have had a bad service and no longer offer partial planning?

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