Poll on the use of wedding planners

Today we thought we’d share with you the results of a recent poll on the website of You and Your Wedding which was conducted with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners in mind. 

The poll was conducted at the start of February 2011 and there were 239 responders.


Would you use a wedding planner?


  • No, I want to do it all myself
  • 55.23%
  • No, I don’t think we can afford it
  • 33.89%
  • Yes, I want help with the whole event
  • 3.77%
  • Maybe, for help with some of the plans
  • 3.77%
  • Yes, I don’t have to time to do it myself
  • 3.35%


So looking positively at this, almost 11% of brides will consider having the help of a planner. Whilst we’d all like that percentage to be higher, it’s a step in the right direction. And let’s face it, with 231,490 weddings going on per year (figure from Office for National Statistics in 2009) , that’s a potential audience of 23,149 weddings. Through our research and activity at UKAWP, we believe that there are no more than 200 committed and professional wedding planning companies operating across the UK, so sharing that out amongst them all, that’s 115 weddings each.  A great deal more than most wedding planners can handle annually. Encouraging don’t you think?

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