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I thought I’d share with you a couple of posts which we Directors of the UKAWP founds ourselves nodding at behind computer screens and humming with ‘how trues’?. It’s of course comforting/daunting (depending on your mood) to know that our peers in the USA, a much bigger, sophisticated and well established wedding planning market, encounter the same issues, difficulties, activities and frustrations that we do. 

We often refer to Think Splendid but this post in particular struck a cord entitled “You Didn’t Invent Weddings”. Let’s take our hats off to those in the wedding business who have gone before.

And on a different note entirely, take a read of ‘Sell the Sizzle’. It’s affirming to know that “downbeat venue sales person” goes on the world over, not that it’s right in anyway. And we also had a giggle about “venue torturing planners”; nice to know we’re in the good company of Marcy Blum with that too!

Enjoy the sunshine!

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