Power of Psychology in your consultations

Although this was originally posted in 2010 we felt it was appropriate to recycle so our new members and readers can benefit from the top tips on psychology.

Erika from Fluttrfly Events has a degree in Psychology and has shared her advice on connecting with potential clients in that all important first consultation.  


Erika explains “The better you can read and relate to a potential client, the more likely you will have a successful relationship.  You want to mirror their personality in a way that you don’t hide your own personality but you become a bit of a chameleon.  You should be able to draw some quick conclusions about the person you’re dealing with and tailor your sales pitch accordingly.”  

You’ll be working and interacting with many types of people so the better you can read them and relate to them, the more likely you are to have a successful relationship and get that person past the first meeting and on to a signed booking.


You don’t want to hide your own personality and become a chameleon but you should be able to draw some quick conclusions about the person you’re dealing with and tailor your sales pitch accordingly.   Try to mirror your potential client’s personality using the characteristic traits below.


There are five personality traits that most people fit into:


1) Openness to Experience

·         These people are:

·         Adventurous

·         Imaginative

·         Have a variety of ideas

·         They appreciate art, emotion, curiosity

·         CREATIVE

·         They ask lots of questions

·         During your pitch you want to

·         Show them your creative side

·         They don’t want a plain Jane

·         They aren’t looking for a package, create something new for them



2) Conscientiousness

·         These people are:

·         Self disciplined and achievement oriented

·         Prefer planning over spontaneity

·         They are number people, want to see facts and figures

·         During your pitch you want to

·         You’ll want to draw a timeline of tasks or projects to be completed and the dates they should be completed by

·         Include facts and figures and explain how your services will benefit them

·         Most important, make sure all your figures are correct!

·         Let them lead the conversation then take it away for thought

·         You may hesitate to close the sale as these people are likely to go away and think about the pros and cons of your service

·         Get out your calendar and schedule a 5 minute phone call to check back.  They will appreciate this


3) Extraversion

·         These people have

·         High energy

·         Positive

·         Seek out stimulating situations

·         Enjoy being with other people and are at their best surrounded by people

·         During your consultation you want to

·         Be positive

·         Give them the spotlight, 80% listening, 20% talking, asking questions

·         Enthusiastic

·         These people are likely to say “YES” or “LETS DO IT” so close the sale where you can!

·         You can also identify your customer as an extrovert as they usually talk loud and quick and want to talk everything through.  Engaging at this level will help you build a relationship with them.


4)  Agreeableness

·         These people have

·         A tendency to be compassionate and empathetic

·         Cooperative

·         Get along with other

·         Considerate, helpful, honest and trustworthy

·         They believe most humans are honest and trustworthy good people

·         They sympathize with others’ feelings and make people feel at ease

·         During the meeting

·         Don’t come off as a superior or dominating 

·         These customers buy from people that they like

·         If the opportunity arises, it’s okay to ask a question or two about their personal life


5) Neuroticism

·         These people

·         Easily experience negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and depression.

·         They interpret ordinary situations as threatening

·         Very easily irritated, frequent mood swings

·         During the meeting

·         You need to let these people feel like they’re in control. VERY Important

·         Compliment them often, agree with them even if you don’t agree, but not in an obsequious way

·         Neurotics want approval, they need acknowledgment and encouragement that their views are good

·         You have to play along and adapt your thinking- this will lead you to more contracts

·         Once you earn their respect they can be very good, loyal clients

·         Closing the sale

·         These types of people don’t want to be shopping around a lot so it’s okay to use your closing the sale technique right then and there. 


 Thanks Erika and I hope this advice is useful for all those future consultations.


  1. Erika on 1st December 2010 at 4:54 pm

    Thanks B!

  2. Helen Burns on 1st December 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Great read! Interesting which category I’d place myself in as a planner not client, a little bit of each perhaps! Very useful, thank you Erika.

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