PR and Marketing For People With No Time!

We originally uploaded this article last September but as this is the time most planners start working hard on marketing and PR for 2014, we thought a little reminder would be useful.

Here at the UKAWP we love Paula from “Do Your Own PR” for her straight forward advice on PR, she explains how PR can work for the small business without spending thousands on a PR company (but hey if you can afford a consultant then great, go for it!). In fact students of Business Practicalities receive her book to assist them with their PR!


* Do you sometimes find all these things we should be doing to promote our businesses absolutely overwhelming?

* Do you often start doing something to promote your business but months or even weeks later find it has trailed off?

* Do you want to find out what you should be doing in the minimum amount of time you have, and create systems to make sure it gets done?

As a planner and director of the UKAWP I could relate to her opening bullets– the wedding industry has rapidly grown over the last 10 years, whereas once sending a few press releases was enough to get noticed by journalists it now doesn’t even ‘touch the sides’.

Paula says………..

If you listen to everyone (sometimes including me!), you should be Tweeting, networking, writing and sending out press releases, maintaining a Facebook group for your business, sending out product shots or tips and advice, direct marketing through email and post, holding events, pinning on Pinterest…phew…and that’s only the ones that I can think of right this minute.

The truth is you cannot do it all. Not without killing yourself in the process anyway. PR companies don’t even do it all nowadays, as more and more of them are niching into their specific areas of expertise or interest.

The key to successfully promoting your business and not killing yourself, or melting under huge swaths of guilt about not being able to do everything, is to work out what is most likely to work for you and business, stay focused and build in systems to make sure it gets done.

The UKAWP say….

Whenever Paula has presented to the UKAWP at our workshops or seminar she has always reinforced the following message “you can’t be expected to do it all”. Find out what PR method works best for you and concentrate on that, far better to use a few mediums consistently then give a half hearted effort to all of them.

And if you are still struggling then give Paula a call as she has some fantastic programmes to help coach you to PR success.


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