Being so deeply involved in the wedding field, we have developed a reputation for our insightful and detailed knowledge of the industry which often results in excellent media exposure for our members. When contacting the UKAWP or its members, journalists can be sure of contacting responsible professionals who will provide quotes based on practical experience and integrity. Please see below for a synopsis of media coverage that UKAWP have experienced.

Choosing suppliers wisely

August 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Traditions In 2020

July 2019

How to choose reputable wedding suppliers

July 2019

How to keep your wedding day special — on a budget

April 2019

Top tips from successful entrepreneurs on working from home

May 2019

How to plan a wedding in less than 6 months

June 2019

Wedding Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

July 2019

Themed Weddings

April 2019

How to plan a vintage wedding

April 2019

Lady Gabriella Wedding Predictions

March 2019

Why Wedding Planners and Bridal Boutiques working together can benefit both

26th October 2018

How not to upstage a bride and groom on their wedding day, Huffington Post

16th October 2018

Eammon Holmes TalkRADIO “Thunder Stealing on a Brides Day”

15th October 2018

Friday Nuptials, Huffington Post

12th October 2018

BBC Radio Kent, What does it cost a guest to attend a wedding

29th August 2018

BBC Radio Kent, The cost of weddings

18th June 2018

Independent Newspaper

December 2016


October 2016 (2)


October 2016 (1)

Express Newspaper

May 2016

You And Your Wedding Magazine

January/February 2016

Brides Magazine

January/February 2016

Fox News –

April 2011

The Guardian Careers – Live Q&A on Wedding Planning

April 2011

BBC Radio 4 – Your and Yours (increase in fees from CofE )


Sunday Times – Round the clock weddings

September 2012

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings – Planners at play

November 2012

Love My Dress – Benefits of hiring a planner

January 2013

Daily Mail – Great wedding rip off

June 2013

Wedding Ideas Magazine – 8 things to keep male guests happy

November 2013

What to do if your wedding is during the Coronavirus pandemic

March 2020

Wedding’s off: the less obvious victims of coronavirus

March 2020

The wedding industry is bracing for the coronavirus’s impact as couples consider rescheduling their dates

March 2020

Coronavirus: Will I Have To Cancel My Summer Wedding?

March 2020

Why You Should Consider Proposing This Leap Year

February 2020

9 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & How to Overcome Them

February 2020

How to Become a Wedding Planner or Start a Wedding Business

February 2020

Commission or No Commission

February 2020


February 2020

Quick Wedding Checklist: How to Get Married in 60 Days or Less

June 2020

Coronavirus wedding guidelines: How ceremonies will be different after July 4

30th June 2020

Getting Married Abroad

January 2020

Why DIY wedding decor isn’t the best way to save money – expert

July 2022

Couples will use beaches, gardens and pubs to get married as lockdown restrictions are eased, experts predict

27th June 2020

Coronavirus New Wedding Rules

29th June 2020

Should I cancel my wedding? What the coronavirus social distancing rules mean for your big day

May 2020

Easter wedding bells are off as couples come to terms with coronavirus

March 2020

Coronavirus wedding cancellations and what you should do if your big day can’t go ahead

March 2020


March 2020


March 2020

Coronavirus: What Should I Do If I Have A Wedding Planned This Summer?

March 2020

Destination Planner

Coronavirus: The uninvited wedding guest. Everything you need to know.

March 2020

BBC Breakfast

April 2020

BBC Bristol

April 2020

BBC South West

April 2020

Winter is a Wonderful time of the Year for Your Wedding

May 2020

The Future of Weddings

May 2020

How Weddings Are Predicted To Look In A Socially-Distanced World

May 2020

Couple stage ‘DIY wedding’ in their Manchester flat

May 2020

Second Hand Wedding Dresses: How To Find, Buy, Alter, And Rent A Pre-Loved Or Vintage Wedding Dress

May 2020