Recent PR Workshop

Today I’m writing to you about our recent PR Workshop which took place in London on 14th September. Response to this workshop was exceptionally good and the planners arrived in force to pick the brains of industry PR specialists Nicola Russill-Roy and Suzy Dixon of Propose PR.


 We had a wonderful mix of new and more established members as well as some non-members who wanted to gain from the topic. As anyone who has completed our Business Practicalities training course knows, we cannot stress enough the importance of “getting out there” with the media and building ones company image; it’s the difference between being here for the long term and crashing and burning. Nicola and Suzie presented lots of highly practical tips on how to target your market, build your contacts, how to treat your contacts, where to get information, what to avoid and a real insight into the role of staff and freelance journalists. Suzie talked a lot about how to apply this to social media and how to make that very cost-effective medium work for your business. We then had a whole hour of very open Q&A where we had the chance to ask lots of very individual questions and discuss amongst the group.


 We have had some very positive feedback from planners at all stages of their business.


Watch this space for future UKAWP workshops in the pipeline for early next  year. In the meantime, you might like to consider some socialising and come along to Mix and Mingle on 19th and 20th October. In various locations across the UK, we hope there is one that suits you.

Our thanks to Lloyd Dobbie for joining us and taking these photographs.

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