Training to be a Wedding Planner with the UKAWP

A couple of weekends ago we trained a delightful group of ladies at various stages in launching their wedding planning businesses. The directors of the UKAWP are passionate about training and simply love meeting those starting their path into wedding planning.

Business Practicalities

We train 121 as well as in groups but we still believe that group learning is usually the best way to train for this particular type of business. Why? Well because the students bond together throughout the weekend, they begin to see that they needn’t be competition to each other and simply put, we are all different thus our future clientele will be different.

With ladies of all ages, from all backgrounds and careers, at different points in their business planning, just listening to everyone interacting and learning from each other, as well as the three different trainers, each of whom had over 10 years of experience, was a joy.

I would like to say how much I did enjoy the weekend. The course was very informative & very professional.  I have come away with a lot of ideas & tips about launching my business. Laura, Sep 2013

Business Practicalities has been updated yet again, making it even more vital to those launching as wedding planners. As the industry changes, so does our course, we feel we have a duty to move with trends ensuring we are giving you the most up to date business advice for this sector. New for this year is even more emphasis on branding and why this is so important for wedding planning businesses. We covered pricing, breaking down the different services and how you should work out your business costs before even starting on how to charge clients.

After a very full day on the Saturday, marketing and a mock consultation on the Sunday morning, by Sunday afternoon it was fun to see our students cutting and sticking to create mood boards.

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If you are interested in training as a wedding planner, our courses get excellent feedback and we would love the opportunity to meet and train you. We can also confirm that the Step by Step course is in the middle of a facelift and will be even bigger and better for the next date on the 19th – 20th October. All tutors have been wedding planners for 10 years, we are passionate and knowledgeable and we feel confident our course equals amazingly successful planners. If you’re still unsure give Bernadette a call or speak to any of our members, did the course work for them?

Business Practicalities

Manchester        5th and 6th October

Bristol                 9th and 10th November

Step By Step

London               19th and 20th October

Manchester         23rd and 24th November

See here for more details and to book your place.


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