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Today we hear from Ray Hutchin of Cloud 9 with some practical tips on holding the perfect sales meeting or consultation with potential new clients.  Over to you Ray:

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on Sales Meetings for Wedding Planners, however I believe the best way to learn and change something for the better is to get a better understanding and to do that, what better way than asking yourself some questions.

So here are some questions to ask yourself about your sales meetings and it may just help you, to find a way to get better results:-

1)      Where do you hold you Sales Meetings and do you know where you get the best conversion rates?

2)      When you know where you get the best results ask yourself, why do you get the best results where you do?

3)      How do you deal with distractions during the meeting if any?

4)      Do you help them to buy or do you sell?

5)      Do you know the benefits from buying from you, over your competitors (your USP and guarantee)

6)      Do you have a purpose statement script (to frame up the meeting and therefore stay in control of the meeting)?

7)      Do you know your 10 biggest objections (and have all the answers off pat)

8)    Are you comfortable with your close and do you spot buying signals?

9)       When was the last time you read a book or attended a sales workshop?

10)   Do you have a complete and up to date sales pack with you at the meeting?

11)   How many times have you spoken to, emailed, and phoned the prospect before the meeting to build rapport?

12)   Do you always get permission at the end of the meeting to contact them again if they haven’t made a decision?

 To gain even more insight into the Sales Process book today for Wedding Planning Excellence where I will be presenting on the Sales Process on Saturday morning.

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