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Continuing our introduction to the many talented industry experts that contribute to our popular “step by Step” course, today I’m going to introduce you to Liz from Bluesky Flowers

How did it all start?

After working in the magazine industry for around 15 years and doing the same thing over and over, I decided to change course completely and went to work for someone who ran a well-known florist and garden design company. I left after a couple of years as things changed in his company but not before I’d got the bug and decided to work for myself … the rest, as they say, is history. It’s been almost 14 years now, I love every day and have never looked back

How do clients describe you?

Apparently – friendly, helpful, professional and a owner of a dry humour


How do you unwind

Usually a glass or two of Ned Pinot Grigio blush … or a massage when I have the time

What changes have occurred in the florist industry since you launched?

There are many more florists around, a lot of one man/woman bands, perhaps who have started in the business in a similar way to me. Floral styles have changed too with a lot of influence from the States and Australia/NZ

What trends have you seen this year / are working on next year?

See above – much looser, more natural displays are very popular as brides get their ideas from around the world via Pinterest and the web in general. Next year, I think this will continue with bigger, wilder bouquets and long, trailing ribbons

What is your vice?

See ‘How do you unwind’ !! Oh and cake, of course

Bluesky Flowers

Thank you Liz, look out for more #SBScontributors next week and to learn more about what this course entails read on…

What is the Step by Step course?

This course is all about how to plan a wedding once you’ve been hired as a wedding planner (or indeed venue co-ordinator) what do you do next? How do you manage their budget? How would you source a venue or supplier and how would you negotiate with them? What elements are important when researching into suppliers and what questions do you need to ask? We go through the most popular ceremony types in the UK and explain the legalities and running order for each type. We then take you through the day itself guiding you through the ceremony, drink reception, wedding breakfast and evening reception.

For more Information

To download our brochure or find out about remaining dates for 2014 pop onto our website, dates for 2015 will be released shortly.


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