#SBScontributor Pippa Mackenzie

Continuing our introduction to the many talented industry experts that contribute to our popular “step by Step” course, today I’m going to introduce you to Pippa Mackenzie Photography who has reviewed our photography chapter. You can see further experts here.


How did it all start?
I began my career as a documentary TV producer, director and stills photographer for Discovery Channel. It included a year of travelling around the world on my own on various assignments filming and photography. I then went onto spend three years producing and co-directing a double BAFTA award winning children’s wildlife series. It was when Ian and I got engaged that I changed direction into wedding photography and I have never looked back. Over the last nine years, we have built up our business to being one of the UK’s leading documentary wedding photography teams.

How do clients describe you?
That’s a hard question to answer but I think above all our clients see us as warm, friendly and professional.

How do you unwind?
Spending time as a family is the best thing in the world. We have a 2 year old daughter and there is nothing I love more than heading down to the beach and paddling in the sea with her.

What changes have occurred in the photography industry since you launched?
The industry has become far more saturated since we started in 2005 and there is a greater need than ever to stand out from the crowd. To thrive as a wedding photographer it’s more and more important to be unique and offer the best products and service you can.

What trends have you seen this year / are working on next year?
To be honest we actively avoid following trends when it comes to weddings as it’s important for our photography to be as timeless as possible. Obviously the biggest trend in wedding photography over the last 5 years has been “vintage”. I’m not sure if this is close to running its course but we are seeing signs that brides and grooms are getting tired it.

What is your vice?
The dancing shots at the end of the night. I absolutely love dancing and I often get carried away with the music. I pretty much always end up in the centre of the dance floor soaking up the high energy. It does make for some great shots and some of my favourite photographs of a wedding come from this time of the day.

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