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Regular visitors to our blog will know we try and feature as many scams as we can to try and help the battle against these despicable people. This category is so popular and has helped many businesses across the world. We recently received an email from Amanda all the way in Ontaria, Canada. Amanda runs a wedding planning company called Envy Events.

Amanda said “I came across your blog/website while searching for info on wedding planning scams, after receiving an odd inquiry via email the other day.  I was quite weary about the request, which prompted me to start an online search while trying to obtain further details from this mystery person…

I’ve included both emails for you below… the first email at the very bottom of this string was the note I received inquiring about services… I sent some additional questions as the request had struck me as a bit “off the wall”…the 2nd email just below is the response.  After searching your “scams” section, I found an email that was almost word for word – which led me to confirm for myself that his was indeed a scam. I hope the following information helps you in your quest to put an end to these ridiculous ploys..!  and I must say how disgusted I am that people are able to somehow justify this type of behavior…  You’ll notice that the information below is a bit more detailed than perhaps what has been seen in the past… so a word of caution to all new planners out there who might take this as a real opportunity – do your research and trust your gut!”

Email 1


I am Ramson Taylor, from London England. I am writing to get more information on wedding/ reception venues and also so in need of the services of a wedding planner.

Kimberly and I are planning to have a wedding in 0ctober 2011 (any date in October will be fine) and will require more information on this as we plan also to have the wedding in your region We are looking for venue and a planner to help us plan our wedding/reception.

So far, we have not made any arrangement. 30 to 40 guests are expected to attend. We are considering a budget of $40, 000 USD but will allow a few extra if necessary. I will make a prepayment as initial deposit for this booking via credit card once you confirm availability.

Please note that you (wedding planner) are to arrange for a Videography, Music Entertainment, Photography, Officiant, cake and flowers.

Please do confirm this date and get back to me.

Thanks for your anticipated response

Best regards,


Email 2

I am really  glad to hear from you. It is the wish of my finance to get married in your area and I have to give in to her wish and due to the fact that I do not have any one there, you will be responsible for all arrangements.

My Fiancé (Kimberly Reeds) and I will be arriving 7 days before the wedding and I need you to also make arrangement for our accommodation. I’ll need you to book 2 double rooms for us for 7 nights and one honeymoon suite for the night of the wedding 15th October 2011 (wedding date is flexible).

We have a budget of about $40,000 USD which includes payment for your fees, all the other vendors you will be working with and that of our logistic agent aside us, I am also expecting about 20 other guest from UK, USA and Asia

Below are other requirements we’ll need.

My fiancé decided that the colour for the wedding should be white and gold.

For flowers, majority of pink and red roses. She loves red roses and we’ll want lots of them at the wedding. Please feel free to introduce any nice flower of your choice to make the venue more beautiful.

For music, a DJ or live band
Food, a buffet will be perfect.
3 or 4 tier fruit cake
Drinks: open bar
Wedding is a civil wedding
Civil marriage celebrant
Videographer for 3-4 hours
Photographer for 3-4 hours
Venue: out door or indoor
Bridal party: 2 bridesmaid and 2 groomsmen.
Flowers for bridal party
Accommodation for out of town guest (18 single or 13 doubles from for the wedding night only)

Wedding time: 4pm to 9pm.
Both the wedding and reception will be in same venue.

I need you to get back to me with a total estimate that will cover this arrangement so that I can make a deposit payment to enable you start arrangements as time is not on our side.

I’m presently in Iran for a world health organization program which will last for another month or two and the only means of payment that will be possible for me from here will be via my Credit card. I hope this will not pose any problem to you.

Get back to me as soon as you have the estimate so that we can start of all preparation for my wedding.


  1. Stephanie Allison on 6th December 2011 at 1:08 pm

    I recently had a similar one from a Mr Williams regarding planning his wife’s Birthday. His first email seemed strange but by the third reply it was obviously a scam as he wanted me to charge 10500GBP to his card and then transfer 5000GBP to a logistical agent. I replied saying that I do not handle any payments to third parties and mysteriously I’ve not heard back since.

    They do have enough information to make you wonder if it is a genuine foreign client and provide a mobile number but if in any doubt, trust your instincts.

  2. Jason Gordon on 6th February 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Thanks for this post. My mother is a wedding photographer and got something similar to this, for her it was Martin Cobb, she was all exited about such a proposal and decided it was something she could do. Once the next round of emails came through she told me a little bit more about it so I decided to have a look at the emails and they followed the same format as the ones above.
    The first thing that got me was the formality of the writing. It struck me odd that someone wanting a last minute wedding would be this formal, as usually last minute weddings are done because the couple is giddy with excitement and love and are usually very bubbly individuals.
    The next thing that concerned me was that for music they requested piano, violin, harp and such, and I thought that someone with a $40k budget and with such specific requests wouldn’t want to just hand over all organisational power to someone they don’t know in a country they’re not in, least of all without calling them first and getting to know them.
    So I jumped on the net and with minimal effort I came to this site showing exactly this, so once again I thank you for your information.

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