Scam emails

Continuing with our publishing of scam emails please see below another one that has been sent to members of the UKAWP. To view previous ones go to our scam category here. It is impossible for us to publish all the scam emails but they tend to follow the same formula so hopefully by reviewing the ones we have online it will help you avoid getting caught out in the future.

Hello Dear

My name are Jamaine Giggs, I am looking for a professional wedding coordinator/venue who can plan and handle a civil wedding ceremony/arrangements for my clients that will be coming to your country.

So, I need to know what you can offer as they have a budget of about $23,000USD which includes funds for every arrangement that we might approve for you to provide for us.

The items we will need includes;

Venue,Dresses,video,photography,make-up/hair,artist,food and drinks,fireworks if affordable.etc.The wedding will be taking place within the 15th of Jan;2010,and we are expecting a total of 30 guests which includes 8 VIP’s and the bridesmaid.Please confirm the room availability and whether you accept credit card (VISA,MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) payments and get back to me with your rates and total cost of four rooms,with your payment system so that you will be sent a credit card to make a deposit payment for the rooms before our arrival.

Best regards,

Jamaine Giggs.


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