Scam/Hoax emails

We are still being flooded with hoax emails. We could post a new one each day but prefer to do it every few weeks instead! So below is another one to be aware of.


I am contacting you with respect to my sister’s wedding( Julian George)scheduled to hold on the 22nd August,2009.

I want you to handle the wedding arrangements on their behalf since our would-be son in law,Mister Alex is a citizen of your country and as a result, i need the blessing ceremony,reception and wedding reception party to be held in your country. Please get back to me with any of the services which you can provide as regards the wedding arrangement of my younger Sister.

– Vehicles /hotel transfers for the guests – ( coaches transportation)

– Limousine hire for the couples

– location for the wedding and reception.

– lodging  for the guests for an estimate of fifty people(21st – 24th August

– Wedding cakes and Flower decorations

– Sight seeing tours for the guest – 23rd  August

– DJ Sound

 The wedding Budget is at the range of EUR 39,000 for now and it remains very flexible pending our final conclusion.Please do let me have the details of all i should know so we can make about the services you can provide as regards the arrangment. Estimates and calculations should be based on the quoted budget.

Do get back to me asap through my yahoo email:

Mr Martin George.

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