Scams in the wedding industry

It’s been a while since we’ve written a post on scams and scammers.  Most of us who’ve been in business a while can spot these scams or false wedding clients pretty well now, but for newer businesses it’s easy to be unsure.

Here are a couple of recent scams to watch out for which we have come across. They almost always want to pay by credit card and on a short lead time so do watch out; they are not real clients and are operating some kind of unscrupulous money making scheme where you as the planner will loose out.

My Name is Howard Dotson, my Fiance and I wish to seek your elegant and professional touch in planning our wedding.
The wedding is to hold on the 20th of October 2012 {Still flexible though..}.
We’ll need your services amongst other things in the following areas:

a) Plan everything about the wedding
b) Coordination of all vendors that will be involved.
c) Videography
d) Assistance regarding the cocktail and reception, Floral arrangements and Catering;
e) photography.
f) complete organization of relevant documents
g) Budget Planning & Management
h) Selection of ceremony and reception venue

Estimated number of Guests is 70 to 85.

We want to have the estimated cost for the services above,as you will be handling everything from now till the D-Day.
Also confirm credit cards accepted for effective payment, ok….As i do not know the exact menu and drinks required for now, it might be ok to make an initial deposit for this booking via my credit card (Which you will keep on file) once availability is confirmed by you.
I’ll be glad to hear from you if you can handle this for us, any Other arrangements will definitely be discussed as we proceed.

Engr. Howard Dotson

Hello Dear

I am looking for a professional wedding Planner/coordinator or venue who can plan and handle a civil wedding ceremony arrangements for my clients in your country.We have budgeted about $25,000USD for the whole events, but this amount includes funds for every arrangement that we might approve for you to provide for us.

The items we may need includes; Venue, video, photography, make-up/hair artist, food and drinks, fireworks if affordable etc.The wedding will take place on the 29th October,2012 and we are expecting 28 guests which includes 8 VIP’s and 4 bridesmaid.

Kindly get back to me if you can organize this event well by a return email.

More so, Payment will be by credit card Visa Or Master card.

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards,

Lionel Gabriel.

 If you would like to see more scam emails please look at our blog category on this subject.

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