Scams, tricks and hoaxes

No matter what the weather, the financial scammers keep on coming to wedding planners. Here is a recent one to watch out for if you’re a new planner and not familar with these scams.

Am Robb Stephen, I am writing to get informations on wedding/reception venues and also so in need of the services of a wedding planner. Christine and I are planning to have a wedding in August 2010 (any date in August will be fine) and will require more informations on this as we plan also to have the wedding in your region.


      We are looking for a venue and planner to help us plan our wedding/reception. 50 guests are expected to attend. Please advise on weather conditions of the area. Also note that you (wedding planner) is to arrange for a food, Videography, Music Entertainment, Photography, Officiant, cake and flowers, decoration etc. Please do confirm this date and get back to me.

Thanks for your anticipated response

Best regards,

Robb Stephen



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  1. Rachyeta Singh on 16th July 2010 at 5:08 pm

    I actually had an email from the same person and was in two minds about it until he wanted to pay me by credit card and to transfer funds to me to pay their logistic company and other suppliers.

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