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Today we begin our series of showcase weddings from members of the UKAWP. Today’s showcase is from director Kelly Chandler of The Bespoke Wedding Company and features an extraordinary wedding which took place in London last year.

“I knew that we had an exciting challenge on our hands as soon as we met the bride to be in spring 2007 and she shared her vision for a day that was so different and so un-wedding like, that it would be remembered forever. She commented that she was the last of a number of friends to be married and didn’t want to have to compete by doing something similar. So the idea was set that the wedding celebration would be a very personal and unique party (they had legally married the previous summer but not been able to share with all their friends and family).

It was important that elements of the couple’s joint and separate heritage was injected into the day and also that it was a celebration of places that they just loved during their various travels. So was born a multi-themed event that ‘took place’ in Russia, Morocco, Asia and Italy as well as more than a dash of America and the UK! We played about with the timings too and everything took place between 11am and 7pm to allow families to fully enjoy.

It was clear from the start that lots of theming was needed and many separate areas required and that we had to find a different location that would never have been used for a wedding before. I started to work on many options and came across a very large event space by the name of SEOne London, a nightclub and party venue which quickly became the absolutely perfect space for the event.

Then the work really begun; transforming a very large venue, typically used for late night clubbers and not elegant wedding guests, built directly underneath London Bridge. It certainly was a team effort as we hired a draping/dressing company, arranged carpeting, heating, lighting and sound technicians, furniture companies, not to mention the usual caterers, florists and entertainment.

As guests arrived, flaming torches marked the way into Russia. Fully decked out in red draping with hammer and sickle emblems, amber lighting and projections of Russian Bears onto the walls, it was very much the real thing. A hammer and sickle ice sculpture was in place as a Gorbachev look-a-like mingled with guests and the caterers served blinis, caviar and Bloody Marys. Guests were invited to sign a guest book and view photos mounted onto boards of the couple’s actual wedding day. As this was a family occasion there were some 40 children attending so we purpose built a light, bright crèche zone for them, decked out with balloons and rainbow lighting;  the Artful Splodgers team came in and installed all range of toys, games and party fun to make sure that the young ones enjoyed to the max and were well taken care of by their team.

As guests made their way through to lunch, they were greeted by an elegant reception room; this was probably the most conventional part of the day where the couple actually wanted an almost traditional white marquee effect and a clean, stylish dining setting; so we built a marquee inside the brick built nightclub area. White was the backdrop with some black detailing and a stunning purple wash set off the dramatic floral centerpieces, pink phaelanopsis place setting flowers and stationery. Guests were invited to start off the dining by eating their edible menu card! Lunch was lovingly prepared by Italian Secrets and the Italian theme continued with a talented operatic performance by The Three Waiters; it left guests waving their napkins in the air!
But that wasn’t the end of proceedings by any means! After speeches guests were invited to join their children in the circus zone as a glow performer lit up the room and led the way for a medley of jugglers, plate spinners, magicians, caricaturists and face painters to entertain and amaze; our team distributed party poppers, glow sticks and Chinese fortune sticks to add to the fun. After the children were well and truly charged up and the adults exhausted, it was time to chill out in the Moroccan afternoon tea zone kitted out in low cushioned seating, Moroccan backdrops, candles, lanterns, with incense burning and to Arabic chill-out sounds. Guests were treated to tutti frutti ice cream and Moroccan sweets to round the gluttony off as they took in the scene.

As the final photos were taken and the guests departed back to St Pauls on their coaches, it was time to reflect on the whirlwind that was months and days in the planning and 8 hours only in the happening. It was an amazing job for clients with incredible imagination as well as trust in ours which allowed us to deliver such a unique and wonderful event.”

Many thanks to Kelly today’s utterly different showcase wedding. If you are a UKAWP member and would like to see one of your weddings feautred here please contact us.

Photo credits: PR Photography

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