Member Focus – Steve Hood Films

Introduce Steve Hood Films

  So happy to be able to introduce you to Steve Hood Films, a wedding filmmaker.  How did it all start? Way back in 1993 when I got Married we borrowed a friend’s VHS tape Camcorder and made a little video of our own, and that was it, after a few years of filming Family…

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Member Focus – S2 Images

Delighted to introduce you to S2 Images ,tell us about yourselves Sonia & Simon …… How did it all start? In 2011 we got married, having known each other for only 6 months, as crazy as that sounds. We actually met through photography and had so much in common, it just felt right. One week after…

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Member Focus – Urban Cinematography

Delighted to be able to introduce to you Urban Cinematography. Over to Apos and Johanna… How did it all start? Way back some 15 something years ago an opportunity arose to film some weddings for a Photographer who worked extensively in Greece, at first it was Apos who filmed everything and myself who sat at…

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