Talking to each other

We do a lot of talking at the UKAWP – yes you can’t shut us up. From talking to students, new planners, established planners and talking to each other, the directors simply love talking about the world of wedding planning.

I had an opportunity recently to meet up with a planner based in Hong Kong who happened to be in London on vacation mainly but wanted to meet and gain some knowledge on the UK wedding market, particularly as many of her clients are organising a Western style wedding in South East Asia.  It was a great experience and one which I highly recommend.

It was a great pleasure talking to Sonya Yeung of  Bliss Creations about the style of weddings, style of venues, cost of weddings, profile of planners, ways of charging, number of clients and the state of the planning market in her region in general – it was a fascinating hour in which we both learnt lots and came away with new contacts which could be useful in future. As planners operating in a very cosmopolitan country such as the UK, you never know where that next client is coming from and where you might need to draw on experts who can give some advice to help you along the way.  

On that basis, we’re introducing a section on ‘international weddings’ onto the blog over the coming months whereby we’ll get experts in weddings in certain countries to share their tips on the way weddings work there. If you are an expert in non-UK weddings, do get in touch and we’d love to interview you.

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