The wedding game?

We couldn’t resist a light hearted post for the end of the working week.

We came across this new game dedicated to guess what? the career of wedding planning via photographer and blogger extraordinaire  Lloyd Dobbie Having now finally had a go at the game myself, I thought I’d share it with you other planners out there.

You can download Wedding Daze here


wedding planner app

 It’s a real laugh as you work your way through the demands of the wedding day. I have to say I found it thoroughly exhausting keeping an eye on everything I had to do on screen but ended up pretty satisfied when I got to the end and found I’d got ‘expert planning’ scoring!! So, pretty like a real wedding then with lots of hard work, juggling and multi tasking but very rewarding on the day. I must admit though I haven’t worked on a wedding where the guests were served dessert at the same time as others on the table were having starter but hey ho!  

What score did you get?

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