The Wedding Sanctuary Partners – Options & Cutture

Well, just over two weeks to go, so we thought we’d introduce two of our lovely supplier partners today, Options Hire and Cutture stationery. Over to you both……


Options was established in 1981 and hires equipment for professional and private events.

Julia Boggio Studios

Our extensive range of premium quality cutlery, crockery, glasses, furniture and kitchen equipment is suitable for any sized event, from a small birthday party of 10 to an Olympic opening ceremony of tens of thousands.Driven by French flair and expertise in l’Art de la Table, our passion is to provide you with exceptional service and cost effective products that will help your event be remembered for years to come.

See here how Options beautiful hire items work with Cutture‘s incredible stationery in a recent photo shoot.

Julia Boggio Studios

So, speaking of Cutture, let’s introduce you now…..

cutture logo

Cutture is a London based, British made bespoke Wedding and Event Stationers, who have been turning heads with their highly individual and personal designs, which are laser cut and printed on the finest quality luxury card.

Cutture Image

Cutture’s prime objective is to offer a personal design led experience, where the couple can truly have a unique piece of art to send to their guests.


Cutture works with both private couples and planners as well as a select collection of event organisers from around the world and continues to take the London Stationery scene by storm. Cutture’s combination of personalised graphic design, exquisite materials, complex processes and printing never fails to amaze.

Wedding_stationery Cutture Wedding_Sanctuary

We’re sure you will want to talk to these two superb specialists during your visit to The Wedding Sanctuary. If you’ve not yet bought your tickets you can do so online  here. If you have queries, please contact Sandy at or 01442 828061. 

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