The Wedding Sanctuary Partners – Sweet & Eventful

Today we’d like to introduce you to another of our supplier partners for The Wedding Sanctuary on 3rd March, Sweet and Eventful . Our mouths are watering just looking at their gorgeous offerings! 

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Sweet and Eventful is a London-based company that designs, crafts and delivers visually stunning, truly delicious Sweet Tables for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Our tables stand out because they are about so much more than just the food.  We combine our knowledge and love of design and beautifully crafted confections to fashion spectacular centrepieces with completely personal touches.

Our tables are entirely bespoke, and always tailored to suit the mood and tone required at your event.  Ranging from formal and slick right through to frivolous and quirky, we work together with your requirements to create an elegant spread of confectionary that will compliment your venue, match the style and expression of your wedding, and wow your guests.

Jubilee Vintage Sweet Table 36

Put simply, at Sweet and Eventful we consider it our job to design your Sweet Table to impress from start to finish, to be completely unique, to be exactly what you want, and above all to be something that you and your guests truly enjoy…

If you are considering a Sweet Table at your wedding, here are our top three tips:

  1. Sweet Tables can be an effective way to enhance other elements of your wedding.  They provide the perfect means for displaying your wedding cake, incorporating it as the centrepiece of a beautiful sweet spread instead of placing it a corner on its own.  And our tables can also include a personalised gift for each of your guests, making them a unique and creative way of bestowing wedding favours.
  2. We recommend selecting a maximum of three complimentary colours to base your Sweet Table design on.  Tempting though it is to choose more (especially with the bounteous choice of sweets available), the fewer the colours, the more harmonious and luxurious your Sweet Table will appear, and the finer details won’t get lost amongst a multitude of different hues.
  3. Whether you choose a Sweet Table instead of dessert at your wedding breakfast or as part of the buffet for your evening guests, it can provide a wonderful mechanism for getting your guests talking to one another.  Sweet Tables offer both a talking point and a focal point, and guests often spend plenty of time perusing them, sampling them and consequently chatting to one another next to them throughout the day.

For further information about, or to purchase tickets to The Wedding Sanctuary please email or phone 01442 828061.



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