The Wedding Sanctuary: Who to meet – Suppliers part 3

We are really pleased to present a very special blog introduction to two more of the fantastic suppliers joining us at The Wedding Sanctuary at Somerset House on the 20th March.

Unlike a lot of suppliers whose work the guests expect to see on any wedding day, like the caterers and the florists, there are often a few unsung heroes working behind the scenes to make the setting and ambience really special:

Wise Productions

Same spaces – different feelings.  Fancy a warm ambience for your dining space, before making your way to a funky disco fever dance floor?  Wise are the guys who can transform even the dullest, most sparse spaces into something truly unexpected.

Velvet Living

As the name suggests, Velvet Living are the experts in chillout spaces, and funky furniture – guaranteed to offer comfort as well as the stunning visual!

So make sure you stay sharp eyed and check out the huge effort these guys put in to their events!

For more information about the wedding sanctuary, or to buy tickets, go to The Wedding Sanctuary 

The Wedding Sanctuary

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